US-India Drone Deal Holds “Significant Potential”

US-India Drone Deal Holds “Significant Potential”

The drone agreement between the United States and India signifies a pivotal milestone in fostering strategic technological collaboration between the two nations. The procurement of MQ-9B drones marks a significant leap in enhancing joint military capabilities.

With an impressive maximum flight endurance of 36 hours, these Predators offer unparalleled surveillance capabilities, enabling precise monitoring of designated areas. The acquisition of up to 31 Predator drones, announced during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the United States, highlights the growing partnership between the two countries.

The US State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, said, “So I’ll say that generally, the US-India Defence Partnership has seen significant growth over the past decade. This is a proposed sale that was announced during Prime Minister Modi’s visit last year.”

President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Modi lauded India’s decision to invest in General Atomics Predator drones, a move that will facilitate extensive repairs of US Navy vessels at Indian shipyards.

The leaders welcomed India’s commitment to acquiring General Atomics MQ-9B HALE UAVs, which will bolster the armed forces’ ISR capabilities across all domains. Moreover, General Atomics pledges to establish a comprehensive global MRO facility in India. The pact strengthens military cooperation and propels strategic technology collaboration with India, heralding a new era of defence innovation.