USA, Japan, Australia, And The Philippines To Hold South China Sea Exercises

USA, Japan, Australia, And The Philippines To Hold South China Sea Exercises

The USA, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines conducted joint naval and air drills in the South China Sea, coinciding with China’s regional exercises. The goal of the multilateral exercise, which took place in the West Philippine Sea, was to improve participant forces’ maritime skills and collaboration. It included division tactics and communication drills.

Even if it wasn’t overt, China’s aggression in the area was a driving force behind the drill. The defence minister of Japan opposed forceful unilateral reforms and underlined the importance of the South China Sea for maintaining regional stability. The head of defence for the Philippines emphasised how the exercises will help to fortify the four countries’ long-lasting alliance and collective self-defence.

China’s Southern Theatre Command retaliated by arranging its drills to impose control over the region’s stability. Other claimants and their allies are concerned about China’s militarisation of the South China Sea islands because they fear limitations on their freedom of movement. International attention has been drawn to the recent escalation of hostilities between Manila and Beijing, particularly in the vicinity of the Second Thomas Shoal.

The US, Japan, and the Philippines had a trilateral summit before the exercises to enhance regional security coordination by expanding collaboration, especially in defence.