Vandana Sharma

Vandana Sharma

Miracle and belief are two crucial foundations of alternative healing practices. For Ms. Vandana Sharma, these have been inevitable parts of her journey as a healing professional. She unlocked the potential of “Powers of Powers” and dedicated her whole life to using energy, and bringing happiness and peace to others’ lives. She established Sekhem Healing Centre Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur to touch as many lives as possible globally. The centre is now serving people from all castes and religions and healing them from cancer, blindness, autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Thalassemia, MS, OCD and other deadly diseases. Ms. Sharma’s strong belief in her ability to heal others comes from the success in treating her diabetes, heart problem, arthritis, fibromyalgia and hernia without medication or surgery. Her superpowers work equally great on humans, plants, animals and even machines. She has changed weather, flight timings, rescued people from flood and hurricanes and from crashing in stock market. The centre offers more than 50 services and programs, namely the SuperHuman / SuperKid Program, Parenthood with Power of Powers, SuperPowerBusiness Program, SuperSportsPerson Program, Employee Engagement Program, Spiritual Heart Connection, Manifestation Masterclass, Kundalini Awakening with Power Of Powers, and so on, to cater to different needs of her clients. So far, she has healed over 19,000 people, and the number is increasing day by day.


Ms. Sharma is not a Superwoman of the 21st Century just because of her extraordinary healing powers. She is also known for her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy. She is the Chairperson of Astra Edutech Association, SaAstra Superkids Preschool, VanJay Digital, VanJay Business Strategic Consultants, Sky Tech Exports, Power Of Powers Foundation, and Indian Space Society Trust. She knows the dynamic nature of these times and keeps up with the recent market and technology trends. This is why her business grew even during the pandemic. Ms. Sharma invested her time in helping people during the pandemic. She started a mission called “Bring A Smile On Every Face On This Planet” and revived more than 7,500 COVID-19 patients with her healing powers. She also provided them with food, clothes, and shelter during that period. Her tireless humanitarian efforts encompass education for girls, marriage, woman empowerment, and healthcare. She has started schools for orphans and children with disabilities. Currently, she runs three NGOs, namely, Power of Powers Foundation (India), Indian Space Society Trust (India), and Bring A Smile On Every Face On This Planet Initiative (UK).


Ms. Sharma is counted as the most powerful energy healer of all times. Several platforms have recognised her fantastic work globally. The Governor of Rajasthan, Mr. Kalraj Mishra presented her with Emerging Business Icon Award for her entrepreneurial endeavours. She was Recognised as “Change Maker” by Economic Times and NavBharat Times for her extraordinary contribution to the field of healing, health and wellness. She received the Extraordinary Leadership Award in Health, Healing, and Wellness 2022 in Dubai. She has featured in top publications such as Fox, Khaleej Times, First India, Women Entrepreneur India, Economic Times, ZEE Business, Rajasthan Patrika,Daily Hunt, and Asian News. Earlier a homemaker, Ms. Sharma is now an inspiration to women as she has emerged as a leading entrepreneur and influencer. However, she is not ready to stop here. She is the daughter of The Divine Power of Powers, so her healing is a magical experience for everyone and so she has the courage and confidence to reach the zenith of success.