WTO MC13: G33 Calls For Permanent Solution For Food Security

WTO MC13: G33 Calls For Permanent Solution For Food Security

Prior to the 13th WTO ministerial conference, the G-33, representing countries like India, China, and Indonesia, emphasised the necessity for a lasting solution concerning public stockholding for food security. This coalition dubbed the “Friends of Special Products,” highlights the crucial role of public stockholding in ensuring food security and bolstering rural development, particularly in developing nations.

Comprising 47 member nations, the G-33 advocates for flexibility in agricultural market access. With the commencement of WTO MC13 in Abu Dhabi, trade ministers from 164 countries are set to consider a wide array of topics. These include agriculture, fisheries, and the intersection of trade with sustainable development goals.

In response to the lack of progress in agriculture trade negotiations and unfulfilled mandates from prior conferences, the G-33 has proposed setting up a Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) to reduce import surges and price fluctuations. They stress the urgency of a decision on SSM at the forthcoming 14th WTO Ministerial Conference.

Furthermore, the G-33 is open to reviewing the African Group’s proposal on SSM, acknowledging its equitable consideration of developing country interests. Additionally, they emphasised the importance of maintaining special and differential treatment for developing nations within the WTO framework, highlighting the need to address non-trade concerns in agriculture trade negotiations.