75 Years of Indian Excellence: The Journey is the Reward

75 Years of Indian Excellence: The Journey is the Reward

At 75, India today is at the cusp of making gigantic forward strides. It has proved its mettle in emerging technologies, innovation and R&D all across the globe. Its impressive growth trajectory over the last few years has enabled it to emerge as the world’s fifth largest economy. In the next few years, it will earn the feat of a US$5 trillion economy. With sound economic fundamentals, and a series of transformative reforms for inclusive growth, India is confidently marching on the growth trajectory.

This ‘New India’ is not just an economic superpower. It is also a social superpower entailing good governance, people’s participation and empowerment – particularly through the use of technology, and an inclusive and sustainable development model that brings benefits for all, not just a few, and ultimately achieving harmony between growth and the environment.

A self-reliant India or Aatma Nirbhar Bharat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a self-sustaining and resilient India. This self reliance is not attained by isolating itself from the world, but by enhancing capacities at home so that India can more effectively contribute to the world. With its size, capacity and ambitions, India is poised to be a major factor in the post-pandemic global revival.

India is fully aware of its growing role on the global stage and understands that the choices it makes to meet its developmental aspirations have great significance for the Asian region and the world. Its willingness to shoulder important responsibilities for the global good and its quest for shared peace, development and prosperity are embodied in its philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ that is, ‘the whole world is one family’ and the doctrine of SAGAR – Security And Growth for All in the Region. Today the world looks up to India for solutions related to global peace, prosperity and other global challenges. The ‘New India’ has arrived!