Abhishek Jajoo

Abhishek Jajoo

Founding Partner & CEO at AJMS Global Consulting, Dr. Abhishek is a well-known name among many fintech enthusiasts. He is the founder of AJMS Global, a boutique consulting firm incepted in 2018. Under his leadership, a mere 4-year-old firm AJMS Global Consulting has become a Superbrand in the Middle East. Within a short span, he has expanded the operations of the firm in many countries across the Central and South Asia and the Middle East. Along with this flagship firm, he has founded and managed many sizeable firms such as AInsurtech (IT Services and IT Consulting company)and RemitEx Technologies or “DIGI” (a Regtech solutions company). Dr. Abhishek’s unique contributions to the financial world separate him from many others in this industry. On one hand, he is making real-life changes by establishing and working with many fintech and banking companies and on the other, he is spearheading innovation in finance with his thought leadership.


He has honed several skills. His journey of building expertise started with his degrees in finance. He has a doctorate in FinTech Innovation from Ecole Superieure Robert De Sorbon, an MBA from the Xavier Institute of Management, MS (Finance), and also earned the ACAMS certification. Certifications in Blockchain, Python, and other emerging financial technology help him keep up with the latest trends in the FinTech world. Thanks to the strong knowledge base and his passion for continuous learning, Dr. Abhishek has gained expertise in comprehensive frameworks of risk management related to market, operations, regulation, internal control, auditing, and much more. He has also worked with a large number of banks and other financial institutions in various capacities. The clients that have benefited from Dr. Abhishek’s work include major MNC banks, insurance companies, finance houses, exchange companies and many more.


His work is recognized by both markets and institutions, which appreciate his work by collaborating with his firms. The client retention rate at AJMS and DIGI is around 95% – a rarity in the industry. Institutions recognize Dr. Abhishek’s work by awarding him and the firms founded and managed by him with jobs of critical importance. Leading media organizations of various countries have reported RemitEx as one of the fastest growing FinTech unicorns in the Middle East, and AJMS as the fastest growing and dominant GRC powerhouse. For its unique services, AJMS has been felicitated by Dubai Economy. AJMS’ novel product Actuarial Disclosures & Profitability Tool (ADPT) grabbed the award for the best actuarial and IFRS 17 solution for 2022 at the InsureTech Conference held in Dubai.


Dr. Abhishek feels that he has to work even harder to boost FinTech innovation. This is exactly why he is promoting many companies that are running at the forefront of the payments technology sector. Many fintech companies are now providing financial services to customers who were earlier unbanked and, many startups are focusing on millennials to help them learn financial management for a more secure life. He strongly believes that financial technology can help in solving a lot of challenges faced by society and intends to work in this direction.