Divyashikha Gupta

Divyashikha Gupta


A management graduate from Asia’s finest business school, Divyashikha has always dreamt of setting milestones in domestic and international markets. Consequently, she launched Stalwart World, a top-notch, people-centric organization that caters to all its partners and stakeholders through state-of-the-art business models. To ensure diversity of ideas, she collaborated with like-minded entrepreneurs to create self-empowering, technology-driven innovative business solutions. Stalwart World’s services cover 4 business segments through Stalwart Business Consortium LLP (SBCL), a division to collaborate with food and beverages (F&B) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands for increasing their sales, marketing, and distribution network and facilitating them with more accessible, affordable, and hassle-free market entry. Outsourcing the brands’ sales, marketing, distribution, and revenue solutions to SBCL’s sales partner enables these brands to completely focus on streamlining and strengthening their manufacturing/sourcing and product portfolio. The company’s second business division is the Stalwart Management Consulting (SMC) that provides cost-effective and impactful human resource solutions to help build sustainable and competitive teams for clients.

Stalwart Wellness, the third business segment works to ensure the all-around wellness of partner businesses’ employees. Few such initiatives appreciated by Stalwart Wellness’s clients include “Wonder Woman” for helping working women excel in their respective professional fields and “Fit for Life” for cardiac care, weight loss, and diabetes management. Similarly, Stalwart–YOU 7.0 is a platform for facilitating upskilling through experiential learning that includes concepts from films, music, and dramas and links business objectives to outcomes.


Divyashikha firmly believes that the overall success of a business depends on 6 basic tenets — corporate governance, independence, transparency, professionalism, accountability, and code of ethics. In the initial phase of her entrepreneurial journey, Divyashikha realized that as an industrialist, she would have to assume multiple roles ranging from sales and accounts management and marketing to operations and human resource management. The challenge of managing the company’s finances on a day-to-day basis inculcated in her a habit of scrutinizing the expenses and channelizing operations for better outcomes. A more nuanced understanding of different aspects of her business operations has helped her organize them to achieve business objectives efficiently.

Her deep knowledge and insight into various businesses have enabled her to choose the right members for the core team of experts and the ancillary team of efficient employees who stand by her in times of business uncertainty. A good communicator, Divyashikha believes that effective leadership involves two-way communication and listening to constructive feedback from clients, teams, and various stakeholders. Both help devise and adopt new business strategies to enhance individual and group performance.


Divyashikha believes in maintaining a strong relationship with her clients and providing them with in-depth market intelligence to support their 360-degree growth. Therefore, she emphasizes uniformity in the quality of service for all clients across any stage of the entrepreneurial journey. This has enabled her to establish her organization as a trusted and time-tested partner of many businesses by helping them to scale new heights of growth and success.