Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Known for providing techdriven banking services and excellent customer service, ADCB has come a long way and is consistently discovering new strengths with each passing year. Under the guiding light of its CEO, Mr. Ala’a Mohamed Atta Khalil Eraiqat, the organization has also overcome a lot of hurdles and is determined to never lose sight of the customer requirements. With digital strength and a vision for empowering sustainable growth, the bank looks ahead to benefit all its shareholders and customers.


Effective corporate governance forms the crux of decisions and operations at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. These values have helped the bank to win the trust of its customers and shareholders. They believe in principles which have enabled the ban to develo a suessful finanial system in Abu Dhabi. Clear division and delegation of authority pave the way for awless anageent of affairs at the bank. Accountability is adhered to and reeted in the transarent relationshis between the management and the board. Additionally, all stakeholders are kept regularl infored about the finanial progress and performance of the bank.


Communication helps build trust—an iortant aset wherever finanes are in picture. ADCB communicates essential finanial inforation whih inludes share price, ownership structure, and analyst coverage. This helps people assess their current achievements to take informed finanial deisions. hareholders have an access to various other information tools that automatically collate data on dividends and eeted finanial events.


The core operations of the bank are aimed at generating sustainable rofit in the long run. The organization is committed to add substantial value to the growth of the economy of UAE. A strong franchise and widesread networ allows the fir to have a clear edge over other players in the region. inreasing fund diversifiation in customer services areas, ADCB endeavours to sustain itself through liability growth. Providing superior customer experience is another strategy which the group reinforces across its branches. The employees are encouraged to take risks and experiment with new ideas, thus creating a fertile ground for innovation. The next pillar presents their stand on leveraging the technology and giving a push to automating operations. It also emphasizes using data analytics for timely forecast on expected changes in the finanial aret.


ADCB has a long list of awards which is a testimony to their dedication and perfection and motivates them to put in more efforts to serve the customers. It has won the Hawkamah Bank Corporate Governance Award in 2014 and Best Corporate Governance – United Arab Emirates Award in 2014, by the World Finance magazine. The bank has received these awards a number of times in the past few years.