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Neolytica AI


Neolytica AI, a subsidiary of QPharma, is a healthcare analytics innovator. Established in 2021, the New Jersey-based company is taking healthcare analytics to an entirely new level. In a short time, it has established a strong track record of delivering significant strategic and operational value to its clients. With a finger on the pulse of technological advancement and a heart dedicated to empowering its clients, the forward-thinking company reflects the spirit of progress and infinite possibilities.

Neolytica AI is the outcome of QPharma’s strategic decision to invest in the future of healthcare. As an affiliate company of QPharma, which is the industry leader in cloud-based software and services for life sciences, Neolytica AI draws upon years of industry experience to achieve transformative results for its customers. Its sophisticated suite of products transforms complex healthcare data into actionable insights for delivering significant strategic and operational value to clients. The company’s unique approach that have long struggled with the challenge of effectively communicating with healthcare providers (HCPs). For long, fragmented data landscapes and a lack of targeted insights made it difficult to connect the right doctors with the latest medical information. Neolytica AI has transformed this scenario by leveraging the power of data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise healthcare analytics and empower medical affairs, marketing, and sales teams with improved decision-making. Under the sterling leadership of Founder and President, Mr. Badal Shah, a seasoned professional with expertise in both pharmacy and business, Neolytica AI has been witnessing extraordinary success. Its data-driven solutions optimise pre-launch and post-launch strategies for ensuring effective medical communication and streamlining commercial and field force activities. Speaking about the company’s achievements, Mr. Badal says, “Neolytica AI is gradually revolutionising the biopharma industry and we are elated with the exceptional growth the company has achieved over the past year.” The young leader believes that his company’s advanced tools can help biopharma companies reduce costs and accelerate drug development, besides enhancing patient outcomes significantly.


Ti Expert®, the company’s flagship product, offers a comprehensive view of the healthcare domain to life sciences companies. It delivers in-depth data on Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Community Opinion Leaders (COLs), including their areas of expertise, social media activity, and influence. This facilitates targeted outreach and engagement with the most relevant influencers, thus optimising the impact of medical communication efforts. Furthermore, Neolytica AI acknowledges the growing concern about opioid misuse. Its Ti Risk® solution addresses this critical issue by identifying prescribers and patients at potential risk of diversion. This empowers healthcare providers with the ability to implement targeted interventions and build a safer and healthier community.


Medical affairs departments play a critical role and serve as a crucial link between a biopharma company’s research and development (R&D) and commercial efforts. Considering its significance, Neolytica AI offers a comprehensive medical affairs solution that combines local and national-level analysis. This solution provides medical teams with the necessary support to cultivate strong relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs). Additionally, it helps teams to identify High-Impact Experts by utilizing data-driven insights. It also helps develop targeted communication strategies by engaging both community leaders and clinically active healthcare professionals (HCPs) with robust peer networks.


Neolytica AI’s market access solution empowers biopharma companies to identify key decision-makers within payer institutions, such as P&T and DURB members, along with their advisors and influencers. Additionally, it unveils the connections between key decision-makers, advisors, and top KOLs within the healthcare domain. It also develops “Remove extra space from data-driven communication strategies to effectively reach decision-makers by leveraging trusted KOL relationships. Neolytica AI’s commercial marketing solutions focus on maximising Return on Investment (ROI) by employing data-driven speaker program optimisation. This removes internal bias and ensures that the most impactful voices reach the most relevant audiences. The company’s competitive intelligence and sentiment analysis tools shed light on which KOLs competitors are engaging with, and how they perceive rival products in the sector.


Neolytica AI prioritises two fundamental principles – accountability and dependability. For Neolytica AI, giving back to society is a way of life. Despite its success, the company remains grounded in its core values to serve its clients with unwavering dedication, and display care and concern for employees. It believes that giving back to society isn’t just a gesture but a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world.


Neolytica AI was recognised as the most promising company by Silicon Magazine in 2022. Even so, the values-driven organisation doesn’t rest on its laurels, and aims to become the leading provider of healthcare analytics solutions in the world. Furthermore, the company’s commitment to continuous innovation drives it to actively integrate new AI tools into its platform, including chatbots that provide real-time access to information, and an enhanced Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) module. Additionally, the development of a Medical CRM is on the horizon, which will further solidify its position as a one-stop shop for all healthcare analytics needs.