Aditya Banerjee

Aditya Banerjee

Dr. Aditya brings a wealth of experience to Sahara EVOLS. With a clear vision and exceptional leadership abilities, he has made a name for himself among the forerunners of today. He has over 12 years of experience in managing, conceptualizing, and leading different types of businesses.


Dr. Aditya is a determined person who takes every challenge in his stride. The young entrepreneur nurtured Sahara EVOLS right from its conceptualization during 2018 and launch later by the end of 2018. In a short span of two years, he has helped Sahara EVOLS to make a definitive mark in India’s EV industry. Currently, Sahara EVOLS is one of the top 10 EV companies in India. Dr. Aditya has always been keen on innovating and transforming ways of doing business. His hands-on and practical outlook played a pivotal role in establishing Sahara EVOLS as one of the leading EV Brands of the nation. He organized the first-ever EV expo in Uttar Pradesh, India, and also established 250 plus authorized dealer networks, along with 350 authorized service points in 22 Indian states.


Dr. Aditya is always curious to learn from his surroundings. The enterprising leader believes that a good leader always leads by example; therefore, he ensures being on the learning curve always, so that he can encourage his team to do the same.

He always strives to bring something new to the table and generates result-driven ideas proficiently. The dynamic leader exhibits a true entrepreneurial spirit. He believes in promoting the rights of his sales & service network, along with his esteemed customer. Throughout the last decade, he has been managing, conceptualizing, and leading businesses of various nature like dairy, agriculture, retail, hospitality, portfolio management, stock trading, EduTech, Meditech, blockchain, astrology, AI-enabled applications, and services, as well as electric mobility. Additionally, through Cosmo World, he is working on the fusion of the science of Astrology with emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.


He encourages a people-oriented work culture. Relentlessly focused on employee productivity, he continually looks for novel ways of managing his team. He believes that investing in people is vital to foster innovation. He efficiently led his team in the testing times during the COVID-19 period. During the lockdown, while other businesses were in a wait-and-watch mode, Sahara EVOLS was in full blast action mode, which helped the company earn an impressive revenue. The attrition rate of the employees in the company was zero during the COVID-19 lockdown period in India. The employees were given a salary hike and also promoted to higher positions during the lockdown phase.


Dr. Aditya credits much of his fast-rising success to his mentor ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy. The young leader got the opportunity to be personally mentored by the Sahara Chief during his initial learning years.


Dr. Aditya’s yearning for saving future generations from the clutches of a deteriorating natural environment on the planet has led him to focus on developing and evolving a complete ecosystem in the e-Mobility and the Electric Vehicle (EV) space. At the same time, he regularly initiates tree plantation drives to create a greener world.