Manish Nathani

Manish Nathani

In his long career, Mr. Nathani has gained deep knowledge and insights to deliver innovative electronic solutions — a highly valued skill to understand and adapt to different challenges in this field. He has been seamlessly taking crucial decisions for ensuring the company’s continued success, maintaining its impressive record of accomplishments, and developing strategies for its rapid progress. In 2020, when the entire globe was hit badly by the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing became the norm, he enhanced the existing workflow and reached excellence in customer service. With a mission to provide innovative products, he has been driving the firm to newer realms of success. With these sustained efforts, under his dynamic stewardship, his team has achieved the customer satisfaction rate of 98%. Being one of the stalwarts in the industry, he ensures that all his strategies are aligned with the vision for the company’s as well as the sector’s consistent growth.


It is the truth universally acknowledged that the more a company adds value to the lives of its customers, the more it succeeds. Offering a comprehensive range of services and projects spread across various verticals and geographical locations, M/s Airtec Electrovision Pvt. Ltd. has become a distinguished name among the top private companies of India. Besides, Mr. Nathani lays emphasis on reaching out to more and more people every day as this helps improve the understanding of demographics and psychographics of potential customer base. Therefore, the organization connects with more than 1 million people through social media posts and has already garnered over 1, 50,000 views on its corporate videos.


Mr. Nathani’s life is a lesson for the generations to come. He never gave up in the face of adversity and persisted hard to turn every adversity into an opportunity. With sincerity, dedication and determination, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and successfully completed various projects in diverse areas. His quest for perfection in every aspect of life has made ‘Airtec Electrovision Pvt. Ltd’ achieve great success in the Amazon marketplace. Providing standard trade name for different sizes of TV sets in lieu of products by popular brands such as Mi, OnePlus, Hisense, etc., his project management system brought a considerable transformation, which has helped optimize and improve the ongoing scenario.


He shares a great rapport with his staff, who always look up to him for inspiration and guidance. He staunchly believes that employees should be continuously motivated and supported because innovation and excellence cannot take place in an environment of fear and submission. He lends a helping hand and a supportive shoulder to one and all at their time of need. He firmly believes that employee satisfaction goes hand in hand with the company’s ongoing and futuristic growth. Under his visionary guidance, every staff member undergoes an intensive training programme designed to equip them with all the skills and knowledge required to serve clients in today’s competitive marketplace. He reckons that a leader’s biggest strength is his team and it is important to nurture, collaborate, and promote the growth of every individual working with him.