Aditya Kejriwal

Aditya Kejriwal

In the last eight years, Aditya Kejriwal has been instrumental in making customer experience strategies that have worked wonders. Moreover, he has added new milestones to expand the company’s focus on building a customer-centric culture. As a result, Cardinal Health has become a top choice in the healthcare space. It is no doubt that Aditya’s strategies have turned fruitful.

He plans to improve the home-based patient experience by building a new program. He is leveraging technology to execute the transformational changes that would significantly impact their direct-to-customer business. In simple terms, he understands his customers’ dynamic needs and is ready to launch solutions that address the challenges.


What Aditya has done for Cardinal Health is more of a recent milestone. However, his trail of success is far longer.

Before entering the business world, he made sure he gained all the knowledge and credibility by studying in some of the finest colleges in India. He earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Rourkela in 2000. He later shifted to the US to start his career with Cognizant.

However, he returned to India after five years to study again. This time, Aditya was surer of his career, which is why he pursued an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. The course gave him an insight into strategic marketing, and he then began the journey of a bright future.

Aditya experimented a lot with his career for the next few years. From IT space and consulting to banking and healthcare, he worked in several industries to gain expertise in strategic management. He worked with and led several significant transformations in companies such as Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Citibank, SwissRe, Morgan Stanley, Merryl Lynch, and many others. During these jobs, he also travelled extensively, which helped him get a global perspective of the field.

Finally, Aditya joined Cardinal Health in 2014. Since then, he has taken many transformational roles ranging from program managing transformation of customer support services to the position of subject matter expert in cost optimization initiatives. Now, he is using all his expertise and experience to push the growth graph of Cardinal Health.


Aditya Kejriwal’s leadership is known all over the industry. This is the reason he is often invited as a speaker at various events in the health space. In 2022, he was invited to the International Customer Experience Awards 2022.

He has also been invited as a key speaker at the Process Excellence Network World Summit 2023 to address business leaders across the industry. He is a judge at the International Business Transformation Awards 2023 and Stevie Awards 2023.

In addition to being an industry expert, Aditya is also a member of Mensa International (High IQ Society), American Mensa, and is a Certified Project Management Professional.

Like every remarkable leader, he does not shy away from sharing his industry insights on Customer Experience and Transformation. Thus, he often writes and publishes several blogs and articles on digital platforms such as the Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports.