After 5G Success, India Aims to Lead in 6G

After 5G Success, India Aims to Lead in 6G

Amidst the ongoing efforts by telecommunications service providers to extend their 5G networks across the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that India is also actively striving to establish itself as a global leader in 6G technology.

The Prime Minister officially launched a significant initiative, unveiling 100 “5G use case labs” throughout India at the 7th Edition of the India Mobile Congress 2023 at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi on October 27.

The ‘100 5G labs initiative’ is designed to harness the potential of 5G technology by promoting the development of 5G applications tailored to address both India’s specific requirements and those of the global community. It will foster innovation across various socioeconomic sectors such as education, agriculture, health, power, and transportation, and propel the country into the forefront of usage of 5G technology.

In discussing the expansion of the 5G network within the country, the Prime Minister highlighted that India now boasts 4,00,000 5G base stations, effectively covering over 97% of its cities and 80% of the population. This extensive network expansion has also resulted in a significant enhancement of internet speeds throughout the nation.

PM Modi noted that the introduction of 5G technology has tripled internet speeds in India, elevating the country from the 118th position to the 43rd position worldwide in terms of broadband speed.