Ahmed Food

Ahmed Food

The revolution in high-quality and organic food products at Ahmed Food was by coined by its then Managing Director, the Late Mr. Mohammad Ahmed and the current Chairperson, Mrs. Suraiya Ahmed. The concerted experimentation on fruits led to the production of processed products like jams and jellies.

This experimental approach of Mr. Ahmed and Mrs. Suraiya Ahmed, and their attitude of never giving up led to the innovation in food technology. With their dedication and technological knowledge the firm has succeeded in bringing processed food that stands apart from its competitors.


Ahmed Food is committed in bringing the best quality processed foods on your table; the sole reason for the company to becoming a global leader in packaged foods and attaining international claims.

In its journey of more than five decades, Ahmed Food has received The BIZZ award for Excellence in quality management from World Confederation of Business, Texas, USA consecutively from 2012 to 2019; Excellence in Business Management 2013 from Global Business Corporation, USA; and Business awards (20142015) for Best Food Company. It maintains international standards in food quality as per BSS (British Standard Specification) & BSTI standards.

The firm meets the quality criteria specified by regulatory bodies and adheres to Good Manufacture Product (GMP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) and ISO standards.