Ali Kochra

Ali Kochra

Courtesy of Mr. Ali Kochra’s diligence and consistency, Kochra Realty is a well-recognised company in the market today. His primary focus is to transform stressed projects into successful and profitable ones. He ensures timely delivery, quality lifestyle, and value creation. Each project is undertaken after a thorough analysis.

Mr. Kochra is one of the youngest entrants in the real estate sector. In a short period, he has spread his business in many upscale localities such as Bandra, Andheri, and other premium suburbs of Mumbai. He plans to start with the development of around seven projects this year.

The strength and credibility of the developer could be seen in the upcoming project, Aadhayay, which was stuck for ten years before Mr. Kochra decided to take it up. Now, after a decade, this first chapter, Aadhayay in their book of success, is due for delivery this year. Mr. Kochra’s hard work helped him achieve the Best Emerging Realty Brands Award by ET Best Brands Awards in 2022. He also bagged the Emerging Real Estate Company Award by Lokmat-Network 18 Awards 2022.


Mr. Kochra and his team have set a firm footing among the other reputed real estate agents in Mumbai by ensuring customer safety and customer satisfaction. He prefers to build a regular clientele and add new clients on the referral of his existing clients.

The team of Kochra Realty has insider knowledge of the workings of the Mumbai realty market and each project is approached keeping the end user in mind. Mr. Kochra is aware of the wide gap in the real estate market. Therefore, he takes up distressed projects and turns them into functional and aspirational spaces for living. He surpasses the customers’ expectations by creating modern real estate marvels at affordable prices.


Mr. Kochra helps his clients to invest smartly by following the real estate market’s golden rules. He firmly believes that a reasonable investor must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the fundamentals of investment and aware of his assets, expenses, and income. Then, he emphasises on setting a specific investment goal for financial independence. Then, working on long-term goals with better value is always good.

In addition, Mr. Kochra advises that one should invest in properties with a positive cash flow and a higher rate of return. In his view, location also plays a significant role, as it is critical to attracting the right tenants. He follows these factors to achieve success in his professional and personal life.


Mr. Kochra has successfully built a team that can contribute to his vision and turn challenging projects into successful ones. The business model is designed around robust processes that can easily unlock potential from a difficult task. He has successfully negotiated with the government, developers, and customers, and other stakeholders.

As a leader, Mr. Kochra trusts his team and keeps things simple. He does not believe in enforcing his views and ideas on the workforce, but instead gives them the opportunity to think and ideate, and he stands by them as a pillar when solving their problems.