AKEMI is a thriving, recognised group that offers bond, filling, and repairing services. It works with the customers to identify their specific needs and then recommend products from their range in exactly matched proportions. The founder of this company developed the first adhesives based on polyester resin and even recognised the trend-setting importance of reactive resins for the stone industry. They provide tailored 2-component putties and adhesives based on polyester and epoxy resin in top quality for a wide range of applications.

The company manufactures product range for cleaning, care, anti-slip, protection, and wide range of adhesive and sealants for professionals. The products manufactured at AKEMI are available in different packing sizes for clients. The team promises perfectly organised services and guarantees prompt delivery to more than 90 countries worldwide. The quality of its products is ensured by up-to-date production and continual inspection and testing. AKEMI is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, but its production plants and distribution establishments are spread in India, US, Brazil, Turkey, and China. AKEMI has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bengaluru in year 2011 and Mr. Vineet Saluja, Managing Director formed a joint venture with AKEMI India in the year 2013. AKEMI offer various fillers and adhesives based on polyester and epoxy systems. AKEMI India has also launched two indigenous brands ‘GELOFIX’ and ‘Wondernail’. In addition, they even provide total stone solutions and impregnators, surface treatment products like polishs and colour enhancers.


AKEMI has made its mark all over the globe. In India, at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, where more than 2,50.000 square meters of natural stone were laid at the new terminal, AKEMI supported the Indian airport operators with application technology to protect stone surfaces from stains. Similarly, all bondings on the mountain Pagoda in Vietnam were made with AKEMI Akepox. In France, AKEMI provided bonding and anti-slip treatment on the steps of The Roland Garros tennis complex. AKEMI marble silicone was used for the white Carrara marble in the Great Mosque of Algiers in Algeria. The MAS Museum, situated in the former harbour area at the river Scheldt in Antwerp, was built using red stones from India. The natural stone slabs were bonded using AKEMI Akepox2030 brick red at the mitre-joint edges and window soffits.


A team of highly qualified chemical engineers and chemists work for AKEMI. They constantly improve the quality of the existing products and strive to make them environment-friendly. The workforce diligently innovates to fulfil clients’ requirements. All the new products are tested given their durability in freeze-thaw cycles and breakage tests. The product range is expanded after intensive research and development to offer the most innovative solutions to all the clients in the future. AKEMI products meet all the legal requirements for health protection, work safety, and labeling. The Group’s massive success is owed to the conducive work environment and the hardworking staff.

Considering environment-friendly practices have gained a lot of importance in the industry in recent years, it has become necessary to consider the ecological, economic, and social aspects in the planning and construction process. AKEMI India is proud to work in for natural stone chemicals, which are found to be the most sustainable construction material for floor coverings. It has been a sponsor of a scientific study commissioned by the German Naturalstone Association that proved that natural stones are sustainable and environment friendly.