Amit Sujan

Amit Sujan


A dynamic leader, passionate learner, skilled entrepreneur and a humble gentleman, Mr. Amit Sujan believes in doing his damnedest to achieve his goals. His leadership skills and risk-taking abilities have shored up his credentials as the CEO of ITCAN Pte. Ltd. When he was working in multinational companies, he found that there was a great demand for quality tech services at reasonable prices. Though big brands were offering high-quality services, their fees were exorbitant. This realization motivated Mr. Amit to take a major initiative. He decided to quit his stable and high-paying job to start a venture that could provide good IT services at affordable prices.


In the current competitive world, there is Amit adheres to a customer-centric approach. The relationship he has developed with his clients has gone a long way in producing uniquely positive results. He never fails to impress his clients as he believes in doing his absolute best to generate world-class customer satisfaction. ITCAN now has 480 clients from countries such as Australia, US, UK, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India.


Considering the importance of having a healthy work culture in the current competitive world, Mr. Sujan has created a work environment that is based on employees’ welfare and happiness. Empowering the team is his priority, and he shows genuine concern in the personal growth of his employees. He takes it upon himself to stimulate their creativity, and abilities, till they reach their full potential.

Mr. Sujan is well aware that happy employees bring happy customers. Therefore, he regularly motivates his employees to contribute their innovative inputs. What’s more, ITCAN employees also have the freedom to handle projects without close supervision. When an employee successfully finishes an assignment, Mr. Sujan motivates them with revised compensation or incentives. He believes that rewarding employees at the right time encourage them to be more successful and productive.


Mr. Sujan believes in effective targeted networking and participating in corporate events, as these events provide an opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm, and share ideas with the industry players. He is also a member of CEO clubs and finds such forums an excellent way to interact with his peers. He believes networking is a great opportunity to know more about other companies so that ITCAN could tweak the services for mutual benefit.

He also values social networking within the company and has set up the CANCLUB committee. This exclusive club looks into employee welfare and conducts team building activities like birthday celebrations and company retreats. It is also responsible for organising Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Mr. Sujan adheres to the mantra “EVER” – an acronym for Encourage innovation, Value teamwork, Empower team leads, and Reward performances. His mantra, combined with his hard work, determination, and the drive to do more, has helped him build his empire. Though he has faced various setbacks and challenges in his entrepreneurial journey, he overcame them with fantabulous business policies and mindset. The secret to his success lies in the fact that he treats every challenging situation as an opportunity, and not a limitation.

Being well-aware of the importance of innovation, he employs modern creative practices to match new trends. His customer-oriented business approach and the ability to deliver quality products and services on time make him the frontrunner in the industry.