Sippy Sujan

Sippy Sujan

Ms. Sippy Sujan embodies the persona of an ambitious individual whose ceaseless efforts and high aspirations have taken ITCAN to new heights of success. Under her quintessential leadership, the company has witnessed record-breaking growth. No wonder she was one of the top finalists for Singapore Indian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019.

Sincere and Dedicated

In a short span of 13 years, she has transformed ITCAN Pte. Ltd. from a two-member company into a massive organisation consisting of more than 1900 employees. Ms. Sujan primarily attributes her success to two main factors namely gaining diverse experiences, and taking calculated risks. She has consistently been a calculated risk-taker and has always managed risks and crisis dexterously.

Ms. Sippy firmly believes that with hard work, dedication and determination, positive results just fall into place. Her zest for innovation is the reason behind ITCAN’s immense popularity in the market. Her nifty business acumen, combined with people skills, and confidence, compliments her knowledge in sales, marketing, application development, professional services, and systems. Apart from dealing with business development, she also provides her strategic leadership for new initiatives.

Creating a productive Work Culture

ITCAN has clients spread over a wide range of industries, including Financial Institutions, Banking Sector, Insurance, Healthcare, SME, Hi-Tech, and more. Managing such a huge client base is no doubt, a Herculean task, but she has always succeeded in demonstrating skilful administration by means of strategic planning.

Ms. Sippy has even managed to form a tight-knit work environment and collaborative work culture. She takes great care in recruiting the right talent and retaining the best employees. She also emphasizes on the skill development of her workforce. She is greatly interested in targeted networking and regularly participates in corporate events for discussions.

She also operates ITCAN Can Club that focuses on employee welfare. A number of initiatives are taken through the Club to strengthen the bond between the company and employees. Ms. Sippy is a down-to-earth personality who is always ready to lend a patient ear to the employees and provide instantaneous solutions to their concerns.

Maintaining Relationships

Being a woman entrepreneur is definitely challenging, but Ms. Sippy believes in work and life integration, rather than work-life balance, which she hopes to achieve through time management and strategic planning.

While focusing on the business, she also believes in maintaining good health. She relies on a strict fitness regime for physical and mental fitness. Ms. Sippy is also adept at multitasking and constantly finds time for her family and friends. As a mother of three, she strives to be a mentor to her kids. A strict disciplinarian, Ms. Sippy aims to instil the requisite values and principles in her children; especially the fact that success does not come easy and needs to be earned. For Ms. Sippy, her friends and family are her greatest support system.

Deeply Involved in Charity

Ms. Sippy is passionate about giving back to the community and hopes to make a difference by working towards change. She has a huge role in organising sponsored charitable events and humanitarian projects, apart from boosting brand recognition. As a responsible citizen, she contributes to society as much as she can and also inspires others to do the same. She is highly respected for her personal values and social contribution. Such social activities keep her motivated and running. She aspires to maximize opportunities in each and every aspect of life.