Amitt Nenwani

Amitt Nenwani

Amitt, a qualified engineer, has also pursued business management courses to hone his entrepreneurial expertise. Using his cutting-edge ideas, he has been instrumental in restructuring his company’s business operations, expanding its market reach, and improving all aspects of profitably running the business. He is a sharp observer who is constantly one step ahead of the curve when it comes to utilizing technology. Under his stellar leadership, the Shiva Group of Industries has managed to enhance business profitability by five times in the last one and half years. In a short period, he has successfully achieved INR 500 crore topline with a lot of zeal. Nevertheless, the humble leader can’t rest on his laurels. He says, “This is just the beginning, we are all raring to grow and go further.”

To embark on the route of entrepreneurship takes persistence, and Amitt is a live example of this. The leader credits his fastrising success to his father and mentor, Mr. Shiv Kumar, the Founder and Chairman of the Group. He reveals that the best leadership lessons he ever learned came from his father who is his inspiration. “I had to struggle a lot in my initial days. My father made me learn the ropes from the ground up, just like any other employee. I wasn’t granted any preferential treatment, not even a private cabin.” He recalls, “I used to sit with the sales staff and had to go on customer visits and wait for hours for appointments. These challenging lessons provided me with the opportunity to examine and experience things from different angles, and they served as the foundation of my learning.”


Amitt plays a crucial role in shaping the corporate governance of the Shiva Group. The responsible leader ensures that the company has the best processes and policies in place to deal with concerns related to how it is administered and operated daily. The honest leader also ensures that the company facilitates ethical and responsible decisionmaking conforming with all relevant policies, rules, regulations, and codes of best business practices, all while adhering to the ethics and operating principles of the Shiva Group. Stressing on the importance of sound corporate governance, the leader says, “I believe business ethics and corporate governance of an organization must go hand in hand. Shiva Group implements the best corporate governance principles as a firm that follows ethical principles in all of its activities.”


Amitt is riding a wave of success and has grand plans for his company. His short-term plan is to grow exponentially and invest in an IPO. In the next three years, he plans to expand the reach of his company to over 15 countries. When asked about his longterm objectives, the focused leader says he wants to explore all possibilities by offering personalized chemical solutions to businesses while maintaining the highest levels of safety, quality, environmental protection, and community involvement.

Amitt is known among his peers for his curious intellect. It is curiosity that fuels his desire to learn new things and grow as a person. “It’s not just having curiosity that matters. What matters is how you follow your curiosity. My curiosity keeps me going and helps me to connect ideas better,” says the leader.


Keeping his employees at the core of his thoughts, Amitt strives to build a positive work environment. He strongly believes that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. He says, “Our continuous achievements are fueled by our employees’ devotion, zeal, and brilliance across a wide range of disciplines, and we owe our success to them.”

As the captain of the ship, I just give the direction and the team drives the organization,” says the enthusiastic leader.

The empathetic leader also values employee safety as well as their physical and emotional wellness.

The leader adds, “Though business growth is a crucial metric for evaluating a company’s success, the happiness and prosperity of our people is the most important metric for us as we consider our employees as our extended family.”

For Amitt, wellness comes before business. Under his stewardship, the company has sponsored vaccination efforts to immunize staff in order to ensure their safety. What’s more, there were no layoffs or salary cuts in his company amid the pandemic.


Amitt is a true visionary who can see around corners and make the most of what he has. The strategic leader strongly believes that if you don’t have a solid strategy in place to quickly resume your business operations, even a minor disruption can have a huge impact on your organization. He is skilled in taking decisive actions despite chaos, complexity, and ambiguity. It is his strategic mindset that has helped the company thrive through the ongoing pandemic. He says, “The coronavirus crisis demanded quick and resourceful planning to keep the business going. Despite the COVID-19 crisis and its short-term economic impact, our corporate goals remain intact.


A socially responsible leader, Amitt leaves no stone unturned in making the world a better place. “Philanthropy is the heart of our organization. We want to be a responsible business that adheres to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism,” says Amitt. “Being in the petrochemical business, we feel responsible for not harming our planet. Therefore, we are consistently making moves to create an environmentally friendly business. To this end, we have set up zero-emission plants and are proud of the fact that we do not contribute to air or water pollution. Also, we regularly organize tree-planting drives in all the locations where we have a presence,” he elaborates.

Through SHIVASOUL, the CSR wing of the Shiva Group, he offers free education and medical facilities to the EWS of India. When the second wave of COVID-19 hit India, and it was facing an acute shortage of oxygen cylinders, Amitt stepped up to help people in need. He has also been initiating sanitization drives to supply sanitizers to underprivileged people free of cost.