Lavelle Networks

Lavelle Networks

A leading enterprises network technology company, Lavelle Networks offers enterprise solutions to India’s largest conglomerates with an exclusive cloud-based interface technology. The brand operates to manage, optimize, and secure enterprises networks with its indigenous platform ScaleAOn, which enables clients to run their business smoothly and efficiently on cloud. Many enterprises in retail, e-commerce, insurance, finance, government networks, law and order, manufacturing, and healthcare sector use ScaleAOn platform to upgrade their conventional infrastructure to the next-generation wide area network (WAN) and hybrid WAN solutions. With its ultramodern network infrastructure and ground-breaking technology architecture in cloud operations, it has left its mark as one of the most trusted network technology providers in the country.


The Lavelle Networks’ SD-WAN platform has been in great demand because of its efficient cloud-based centralized management, simplicity to deploy, cost-effectiveness, enhanced app performance, and secure scalable network. In today’s tech-led world, networking software service is in demand like never before. The brand has excelled during the pandemic when working from home has become a new normal for almost all the business organizations. Lavelle Networks keeps data safe form increased exposure to internet risks. With its extraordinary and experienced team of experts, the brand is touching new heights every day. Led by Mr. Shyamal Kumar, the CEO, an expert in SDN and cloud technologies, the company is opening new door of simplicity to complicated procedures of networking.


Lavelle Networks has earned great reputation as the most preferred high-speed network enterprise solution provider because of its unwavering focus on scale and operational excellence. With its Scale-on SD-WAN platform, the leading WAN services provider effectively combines Internet and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) to reduce total bandwidth cost, resulting in significant decrease in ownership cost.


Lavelle Networks is highly customer-centric and always ensures top-notch tech solutions to benefit its clients. Its multi-utility platform ScaleAOn is designed to deliver world-class services to users. The platform offers plug and play services and a cloud-based secure scalable network that can be used anytime anywhere. With its exclusive next-generation networking product portfolio, which comprises CloudStation Controller, CloudStation Insight, CloudPortEdge, and CloudPort Gateway, the innovative brand empowers its clients with faster network flow, industry automated performance with absolute zero-touch provisioning algorithm, enhanced network visibility and complete flexibility of network link type, and expanded data storage. The brand has earned a place among other technical giants in a very short span.


In 2018, Lavelle Networks became one of the Top 50 global technology partners. It was also bestowed with the CIO Choice Award for three consecutive years (2019 to 2021). The organization also earned Gartner recognition as a leading Asia Pacific technology provider in 2020.