Anushree Anita

Anushree Anita

Anushree Anita is an expert in the science of Vastu and energy balancing practices. In today’s era, astrology goes beyond just knowing Vedic science and energy science, and requires the art of contextualising these ancient sciences according to the modern times. This is where she is at her best.

Raised in a spiritually-inclined family, she took a strong liking to astrology at a very early age. When she was twenty, she idolized her grand uncle Pandit Gopal Sharma who, apart from being the personal astrologer of the erstwhile royal family of the undivided Madhya Pradesh, was also a respected astrologer in the region. She observed that like her family members, she could also learn and utilize a blend of spirituality and astrology to help others overcome their troubles


Although Anushree comes from a family of distinguished astrologers, she decided to get formally trained to get a better grip on the subject and build her credibility as an individual taking the first step towards becoming a professional astrologer. She completed her Masters in Astrology from the Ujjain University and started her practice soon after. Despite her busy schedule, she has been pursuing a Doctorate in Astrology. She keeps meticulously referring to and studying books by stalwart astrologers in India and abroad. With this bent of mind to learn and discover more as a practicing astrologer and an avid researcher who explores diverse topics under astrology, she has earned name and fame as one of the few wellread astrologers across the globe.


Anushree has been recognized for providing extraordinary, easy, and effective astrological solutions to her clients. Besides, energy-balancing techniques shared by her help people achieve the right balance between the mind and the body. People all over the world seek her expert advises and suggestions to balance and raise the positive vibrations within a residential or a commercial space or any other place which holds importance for them. Owing to the high success rate of her astro-numerical and astro-Vastu remedies, she has many followers on social media platforms as well. She also writes columns on daily predictions in various newspapers. She primarily advises her clients on several significant issues such as those related to their career, finance, love, marriage, health, and business growth.


Anushree Anita, has been honored with numerous awards at various platforms. She has been conferred with the Jyotish Gaurav Upadhi for research by Maa Bhuvaneshwar Jyotish Vastu Karmkaand Shodh Sanstha, Indore. She is also a recipient of the Jyotish Shree Upadhi for research by Maa Kamakhya Vedic and Jyotish Shodhsanstha, Makrana (Rajasthan), apart from receiving the Billenium Award for Falit Jyotish by Maa Sharda Jyotishdham Anusandhan Sansthan, Indore. That is not all! In recognition of her proficiency and progress as an astrologer, she has also received the esteemed Global Excellence Award (GEA) 2019 in Mumbai. Anushree has also been awarded the Distinguished Excellence in Astrology Award at Amar Ujala Mahakumbh 2019, by Graphic Era University in Dehradun.