Global Indian of the Year 2023

URS-AsiaOne has been consistently highlighting the real people behind India’s growth engines: People who work on the base, who create that platform which the rest of the world uses to build their structures – business, social and political. They are primus inter pares: other leaders look up to them for guidance and inspiration.

Global Indian of the Year 2023 (Trademarked)

Under AsiaOne’s Intellectual Property Right (IPR) – AsiaOne Global Indian of the Year (GOY), we feature those who are exclusive, exceptional and extraordinary. The level of grandeur at GOY is unparalleled. It emblazons only the supreme in the real sense.

This is in addition to our World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders, Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders, and India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders IPRs!

Global Indian of the Year is a prestigious annual nomination & selection of the most prominent personalities from India. It is entirely made of those who have really made an indelible mark for other leaders to follow and generations to admire. Only par excellence leaders from across India are worthy of being nominated & selected as AsiaOne Global Indian of the Year 2023, and in the past, only the following 13 exclusive “AsiaOne Global Indian of the Year” have been felicitated at the “Asian Business & Social Forum 2022-23 for their special work in the industry and society:

  • Dr. Mark Mabhudhu, CEO,  Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Mr. Pirojsha Adi Godrej, Executive Chairman, Godrej Properties Limited
  • Mr. Richard Edwin, CEO,  Erith Group
  • Mr. Sanjib Sahoo,  Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Ingram Micro
  • Mr. K Madhavan, Managing Director,  LPFLEX International
  • Mr. Ronald Colaco, Philanthropist, Founder & Managing Director, Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa
  • Mr. Rodgers Mudarikwa, Founder, Medway Medical Supplies
  • Mr. Niren Anand, Founder, EverTrade Group
  • Mr. NavinVij, Managing Director &CEO, Parabellum International
  • Mr. Lal Abdul Salam, CEO,  Smithline Reinforced Composites FZ LLC
  • Mr. Hersh Bhatt, CEO, Atisfy PTE. LTD
  • Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder & President,  Vertex Group
  • Mr. Gautam Boda, Vice Chairman,  JB Boda Group

Now, for the Twentieth Edition, we are nominating & selecting “AsiaOne Global Indian of the Year 2023” in the following 10 categories:

  • Person of the Year – Political Leadership
  • Person of the Year – Business Leadership
  • Person of the Year – Community Leadership
  • Person of the Year – Technology
  • Person of the Year – Sports/Cinema
  • Person of the Year – Global Leadership
  • Person of the Year – Education
  • Person of the Year – Healthcare
  • Person of the Year – Start-ups
  • Person of the Year – Editor’s Choice

Of these, Education, Healthcare and Start-ups are flexible categories, which may be changed every year.

How GOY 2023 are Nominated?

Leaders who have made the most impact in a year, and consequently have made the world a better place in the aftermath, are nominated as Global Indian of the Year. They may also have made a similar impact within a region of their activities in their specific category.

Thus, AsiaOne Global Indian of the Year is nominated annually and might be a newsmaker or generally highly admirable because of their highly innovative ideas, excellent business, political, or administrative acumen, or extraordinary contributions to the society – leaving an indelible mark in the process.

The list of nominated AsiaOne Global Indian of the Year is painstakingly created after months of intense research conducted by our research team with active help from our editorial team.

The Final Selection

The final selections are made on the basis of the following:

  1. We have introduced an online poll for reader’s/people’s choice, and a certain weightage is given to their scores.
  2. We send the “List of Nominated AsiaOne Global Indian of the Year” to our top ten “World’s Greatest Leaders 2022-23 – Nineteenth Edition” and top ten “India’s Greatest Leaders 2022” for their advice on the selection. The advice of these eminent personalities is peremptory.
  3. After taking into account the scores of readers, and advice of top ten World’s Greatest Leaders and top ten India’s Greatest Leaders, the final selection is made by the Editor of AsiaOne.