Arif Iqbal Sheikh

Arif Iqbal Sheikh

A soul with action, expression and inspiration, a personality imbued with intellect and a heart of gold, Arif Iqbal Sheikh – Arif – as we all fondly know and call – brings to the table a lot more than just business ethics with his amiable being. Mr. Sheikh keeps on spreading happiness all around him and keeps the environment around him charged

Hailing from the beautiful city Udaipur, Arif Iqbal Sheikh- Group CEO and Chairman of Governing Council of the US$1.2 bn Quality Group consisting of more than 100 companies in 28 countries has got the strokes of splendor and brilliance of the place etched in his personality as well. He is a very confident and energetic person and often an entire room pulsates with his presence. An extremely focused, committed, passionate, honest, and caring human, Arif considers himself to be the creative master of bringing improvement.

Arif believes in challenging his own strengths and improves with every passing day. With each sunrise, he raises in himself a new quality and a new skill. This fearless man takes a lot of risks whether it’s personal life or professional and emerges out as a winner. For him the major factor that assures success is self-belief. He feels that believing in self can lead a person to unachieved heights. He is passionate about what he does and proudly reverberates the words, “I’ll either find a way or make one” to keep himself motivated every time.


Arif Iqbal Sheikh has worked with many companies and led them to glorious success in his career which spans over 30 years in four continents- 20 years as CXO and on senior leadership positions.

He led multinational teams who managed large corporations which were representing brands like Mercedes Benz, Xerox, Bosch, Newgen, GE Healthcare, Schneider, Siemens, Motorola, Pfizer, Bosch & Lomb, Nair, Pigeon, Oracle, and companies like Gammon, Ansal, Hiranandani, Walmart, and Harrods. The core industry verticals in which he has provided his expertise include Retail, Real Estate, Exports, IT, E-commerce, Logistics, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Investments, Trading and Agency representation as well as Services.

He brings a new lease of life and energy to every company he works with. His vision and strong work ethics always translate into sure-shot success of any project he puts his hands on. For his exceptional performance as an employee and a leader he has been rewarded with several awards like Excellence in Leadership, Best-CEO and Retail Chain award Dubai Shopping Festival, STAR-Business ICON award, etc. Quality Group won four major awards in last one year itself from House of Lords, Best Real Estate to Africa’s Most Iconic Award to Most Innovative Company under his leadership.

Apart from being a skilled entrepreneur, Arif is an academician as well and has authored two books and more than 100 articles in international publications. He is a visiting faculty to many international B-schools across Asia including the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM). His sound intellect and eloquent thoughts have been the motivation of several people who are treading towards the path of unmatched entrepreneurial journeys.

Arif is a recognized motivational speaker as well and has delivered many lectures at International forums, conferences and seminars. He is very active on social media platforms too and keeps on writing blogs about management and entrepreneur skills. Mr. Sheikh has a great insight of the consumer’s mind which he keeps on sharing with others through these write-ups.