ARS Steels

ARS Steels

The top-notch steel company ARS Steels manufactures and exports an extensive array of TMT bars. With modern and advanced technological machines, it delivers products within the time limit without compromising quality. It works with the prime aim of leading the power and steel industry in the country using limitless innovation and technology.

The organisation’s annual turnover is around Rs. 750 crore, and it keeps setting new benchmarks to increase its profitability. The Company Head, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Bhatia has some really big plans for the expansion of his company. Under his leadership, the organisation located in Gummidipoomi Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu has already started expanding in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and other states. It has created a formidable space in Tamil Nadu and plans to expand its business overseas.

An ISO certified company, ARS Steels focuses on quality management systems and creating a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. Now, it is also focusing on exploring other avenues abroad, especially in other South Asian countries, to make a worldwide presence and popularity.


One of the principal reasons for the popularity of ARS Steels is their consistency in manufacturing the ‘D’ quality steel, which is considered the best-quality steel in the market. It has low sulphur and phosphorus content, and is strong and ductile to withstand shocks. Moreover, the certified and tested elongation of ARS 550 D is 25% more than BIS standards, thus, making it 25% safer and stronger during any natural calamity. The company has even commissioned a renowned international testing agency that tests and certifies each consignment before it goes into the market. All the products carry the agency’s authentication sticker and seal for customer satisfaction.


ARS Steels has a devoted team of members working diligently to take the company to great heights. Each member is truly committed to the organisation’s growth and profitability. It is because of the entrepreneurial thinking ability of the workforce that the firm provides sustainable and excellent quality products to the customers.

The team is constantly motivated to achieve the highest professional delivery standards. All of the members work with the prime objective of providing a quality product to win the trust of their clients and stakeholders.


Only a satisfied customer gives a big business to a company. Keeping this in mind, the workforce at ARS Steels ensures that the products manufactured are cost-effective and delivered within the time limit. The industrious team members work as per their customers’ needs and demands. Mr. Ashwani Kumar Bhatia and his team understand the customers’ requirements comprehensively and deliver revolutionary products and services to them.


ARS Steels installed two 3-tonne furnaces in 1992 and 1994. In 2003 and 2004, it converted these two furnaces into 8-tonne furnaces, respectively. In 2010, it installed a new 25-tonne furnace that ramped up its billet production to the next level. The company even has one of the country’s largest induction furnace based steel mills. These milestones won much acclaim for the company.

ARS Steels received the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Steel, Government of India, thus, emerging as one of the most trusted steel manufacturing companies in the country. The firm has also got several certifications for its work.