Ash Anand

Ash Anand

For Ash Anand real success and achievement is not about piling up wealth but making a positive change in society and the world. A self-made entrepreneur, he has built the conglomerate with his sheer dedication and passion. With similar zeal, he has initiated ‘Lotus Loves Literacy,’ a scholarship which is awarded to graduating seniors for several years. In future, he intends to set up a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility and launch adolescent educational initiatives.

He contributes by being a member of Workforce Investment Board 2021, Warren, Washington and Saratoga Counties; and Warrensburg School Board 2021. He has been listed among top 40 under 40 businessmen of the year in 2018 and has received Telecommunications Award of Excellence in 2013. Despite achieving huge success, he feels that “the best is yet to come.”


A self-made and self-driven leader, Ash has carved his own path to success. “During initial years, my life was full of struggle and disappointments that actually helped me to imbibe courage and motivated me to turn all these challenges into a great success,” he says. Delineating the early years of his distinguished career, he elaborates, “I started my career with an average job which involved lots of hard work, long days and busy weekends. But this hard work enabled me to learn important aspects of diverse workforces as well as helped me to earn many promotions during my initial career. I outperformed in all my jobs, achieved several milestones, dozens of awards, trophies, and certificates. My life was going smoothly with a decent job and happy family. But in 2008, I took one big decision to start my own company, Lotus – a multi-faceted conglomerate based out of Warrensburg, New York.” Having sown the seeds of hard work with passion, he is reaping the sweet fruits of success. As he puts it, “Today, as the President and CEO of Lotus Group of Companies, I own and operate Lotus Analytics, Lotus Property Management, Lotus for Life Nutraceuticals, The Grist Mill restaurant, Small Tales Early Learning Center and Daycare (now operating as an NPO), Lotus Auto Xperts, Ashes Pub & Ocho Cinco Cantina (Mexican restaurant), The Bond 1786 (Restaurant, Inn, Event Venue), NAPA Chester, and Warrensburg Auto & Truck Supplies. In the very beginning, I launched Lotus Analytics, the first business unit which later became a part of the broader Lotus Group of Companies. The business started in my home office only, and then it rapidly grew enough to now be in a historic and iconic three-story building at 101 River Street in Warrensburg, which houses all Lotus corporate employees. Shortly after starting the business, I acquired eight other businesses that make up the Lotus Group of Companies.” Under his leadership, the Group takes pride in its over 250 employees across the globe. Lotus Analytics is a powerhouse tech company offering services and solutions for businesses of any size across the globe.


According to Ash, success is a saga of growth with purpose, which involves development of healthy, fair, and successful organizations and communities. As he puts it, “If I have been able to nourish an awesome relationship with my colleagues and have the time to sit with them and see how things are, I think I am successful. If my kids don’t complain about spending enough time with me, I think I am successful. If health and wealth factors are in control in my life, I think I am successful. If my plans, goals and mission path are set and my progression is good, I think I am successful. Most importantly, if people around me have respect for me, I am certainly successful.” For him, success is all about how much value you provide to your clients and associates. He asserts, “We create solutions using cloud based custom software that allows people to dream again about next year while we solve the problems of today and tomorrow; and lower expenses and increase bottom lines. We believe in providing an unparalleled suite of services that are all scalable, affordable, high quality and secured – which historically were only available to the rich companies.”


It is a widely acknowledged fact that great leaders bring out the best in employees, which in turn, leads to organizational success. Ash is one such leader who inspires excellence. “I build up my family, community, and each staff member to meet their individual goals and align these with the organizational goals. Each interaction is with the big picture in mind (the long game),” he asserts. His advice to the budding entrepreneurs is to always be persistent. In his own words, “Persistence is definitely the key. There will be good times, bad times and times when you want to give up. Never give up. Always strive to remain positive and not be too dispirited when difficulties arise. It’s significant to know how to work through disappointments and setbacks and find solutions as these moments occur. The key to having happy employees is, never put yourself above your employees, or ask them to do something you would not do yourself. Always lead by example.” Brimming with zeal, he intends to learn something new every day and treats each day as a new opportunity to learn from his colleagues. “Most importantly, ethics, integrity, and morals should always guide your actions. You should not only strive to be successful in business but also to be successful in a way that never compromises your integrity or ethics,” he adds.


Ash vehemently asserts that CSR “is the backbone of every decision” he undertakes. Under his able leadership, the Group undertakes various socially beneficial initiatives in various sectors like education and healthcare. He has been contributing to the welfare of society “through helping children and the next generation through workable lifelong programs designed by Lotus such as Lotus Literacy, Senior Class IT mentoring, Financial support to over 400 children in India, stocking food banks, blood banks and keeping our vital businesses open and operational during COVID-19.” Under his guidance, Lotus Group “strives to move forward to make a change, and expects others to join it to bring change in a bigger perspective.” Ash believes in “Doing the right thing always.” No wonder his upcoming book has been aptly titled “Giving but not giving up.”