Ashish Abraham

Ashish Abraham

Under the able leadership of Mr. Abraham, Centrix Interiors Pvt. Ltd. uses highly immersive technology to create innovative solutions. By doing so, it presents its clients with customized services and offers end-to-end workplace solutions such as branding, IT, security, corporate offices for IT, pharma, entertainment & airline companies and auditoriums.


Being in the interior fitout industry, Mr. Abraham keeps abreast with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. An in-house design studio, with a factory set up of its own, is where the brand comes up with its novel design ideas. Centrix Interiors Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in its inhouse project monitoring app that keeps up with the demands of the clients. The firm sets itself apart from its competitors by using a design and build model that integrates cutting-edge design strategy with unparalleled quality, flexibility and cost.

A tireless leader, Mr. Abraham doesn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to the services provided by them. The firm has struck the right balance by skilfully combining art and science, when it comes to delivering future-ready workspaces.


Mr. Abraham leads with the philosophy of treating his team and employees as his own family. He fiercely nurtures and values their participation and understands their importance in the growth of the firm. He believes that a good workplace atmosphere is a reflection of the service provided and the outcome delivered.

Owing to its great core values & excellent employee satisfaction, the company has employees who have been with it for over a decade. Mr. Abraham’s idea is to recognize & hone the talents of the employees and help them shine brighter. By working in total sync & collaboration with his team, Mr. Abraham’s dream for Centrix Interiors Pvt. Ltd. is to be recognized as a premier design and build firm in India.


Mr. Abraham draws immense inspiration from the industrialist Ratan Tata. His humility, vision & philanthropy works have motivated him to do his best every day. These qualities have helped him explore his full potential in his journey of success. In his personal circle, he has always found an inspiration in his father who has been a guiding strength in helping him overcome the challenges in his path. He attributes his ability to make accurate and timely decisions to his father.

Owing to a lot of hard work and brilliant business decisions, he has already been hailed as an achiever. Some of his achievements include ‘The Economic Times Award for Excellence in Interior Design & Build in Corporate Space’(September, 2019) & ‘The FOAID Award for Outstanding Design’ for TASL project in Hyderabad (November, 2019). He considers these to be the most cherished awards in his tenure till date.


Under his guidance, the firm has always been proactive in taking decisions to support various causes for the betterment of society. Within the firm, Mr. Abraham has supported the education of the girl children of his employees. Moreover, the firm is involved in many social causes & charity works, which are aimed at providing support to society.