Ashish Vijay

Ashish Vijay

Mr. Ashish Vijay is the Chairman & Founder of the AV Group – a reputable business conglomerate housing a multitude of companies across diverse sectors. A prominent Dubai-based investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, the global leader brings decades of experience in the precious gemstone and luxury jewellery industry, as well as finance and investment sectors. His commitment to quality, innovation, and generosity has positioned him as a preeminent figure in the high-end jewellery industry. For him, his work is also his passion, which drives him to continuously push the boundaries of creativity.

Mr. Ashish is committed to building a lasting legacy that transcends generations. Taking inspiration from his father, he has personified generational continuity through his entrepreneurial brilliance and integrity. Born and raised in India, he has been fascinated by the dazzling splendour of diamonds since childhood. With this fascination, he immersed himself in his father’s jewellery business while balancing his studies. Gradually, the family
business was relocated to Dubai, where he soon made his presence felt in the luxury market by delivering top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Mr. Ashish embarks on new ventures with zeal and ambition. Over the years, he has channelled his entrepreneurial spirit into a diverse array of ventures under the AV Group umbrella. From Meraki Gems and Jewellery to Tiara Gems and AV Globale-a global hub with offices in Dubai, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Central Africa, his ventures span gemstones, high-end jewellery,
luxury lifestyle, real estate, infrastructure, hospitality, auctions, and innovative tech-
driven collaboration platforms. With each venture, he aims to set new standards in the


Mr. Ashish leveraged his family’s multigenerational proficiency in precious stones to establish a globally renowned company known for its expertise in sourcing top-quality stones. His expertise is not limited to dealing with cut gemstones; he equally excels in the intricate art of selecting unpolished stones. For him, quality isn’t merely a fleeting attribute but a legacy that transcends time, leaving an indelible mark on generations to come. The ambitious leader has curated a stunning private collection of precious stones sourced from diverse corners of the world. His impressive collection includes diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, alexandrite, and more. What’s more, he sources jewellery and gemstones ethically and sustainably and works with suppliers to ensure conflict-free sourcing.


Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Ashish is driven by a deeper purpose: to empower individuals to achieve financial independence and contribute meaningfully to society. Through his innovative online auction website, he has revolutionised the way people engage with gemstones by democratising access to these precious assets. By enabling individuals to bid on gemstones at competitive rates, he not only facilitates smart investments but also creates opportunities for passive income generation. With AV Globale’s platform, individuals can not only acquire gemstones but also resell them, thus transforming assets into a tangible source of wealth. A tech-savvy individual, Mr. Asish utilises groundbreaking technology to produce designer jewels, exclusive timepieces, and
a blue-chip art collection for connoisseurs. By employing state-of-the-art techniques such as 3D deposit mapping, AI-driven polishing refinement, and immersive virtual/augmented reality evaluations, he has elevated industry standards, particularly in terms of transparency. The forward-thinking leader also believes in treating clients like family and building long-term relationships that transcend generational lines. Due to this level of personalised attention, AV Group has developed unbreakable bonds of affinity, thus securing its dominance in the market and generating substantial goodwill.



Mr. Ashish is committed to ethical business practices and responsible management. With a keen focus on honesty, transparency, and respect for all stakeholders, he has set new standards for integrity within his industry. From ensuring compliance with mining regulations to empowering artisan alliances through innovative e-auction platforms, his
vision extends far beyond profit margins. He seeks to facilitate sustainable growth and equitable opportunities for all.


Mr. Ashish’s impact transcends the boardroom, as he devotes himself to philanthropic endeavours for enriching lives and communities. His tireless advocacy for women’s rights, ethical mining procedures, and education exemplify his dedication to effecting meaningful change on a global scale. His work includes empowering women miners in Africa, as well as spearheading educational initiatives and ensuring the safety of women workers in diamond mines, and thus promoting gender equality. The compassionate leader is also active in various girl child initiatives, and has established schools in Sri Lanka and India through the Bliss Foundation, an NGO, co- founded by his father. By prioritising education and empowerment, he seeks to break barriers and create ample opportunities for underprivileged girls. As he looks to the future, Mr. Ashish adheres to a simple yet profound philosophy: “Nothing is mine. Not even it was before, not now, and even after 25 years. There’s nothing that is mine.” It is this humility, this recognition of the transient nature of material wealth, that sets him apart as a truly enlightened leader – one who understands that true richness lies not in possessions but in the impact we make on the world around us. His mission is to inspire others to join him in building a more inclusive and equitable world.


A sought-after speaker and revered industry expert, Mr. Ashish champions transparency, innovation, and relationship development. His insights have been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, The Times of India, and Business Insider, where he continues to inspire and enlighten others with his vision for a brighter, more inclusive future. He is also the newly appointed Director of the ICAI Dubai Chapter. His role is to advance the gemstone industry in the region so as to establish Dubai as the premier destination for gem lovers. Additionally, through his role at the International Coloured Gemstone Association, he tirelessly works to elevate awareness and participation in the vibrant world of gemstones. Furthermore, in 2021, he gained acceptance into the Forbes Business Council–a prominent platform for accomplished business owners and leaders globally, renowned for facilitating growth opportunities worldwide. Speaking of this achievement, he said, “This honour by the Forbes Business Council is a significant career milestone for which I am deeply grateful. I hope to utilise this platform to raise awareness about investments and
business opportunities in the vibrant sector of diamonds and rare gemstones.” As he continues to break new ground and inspire others, one can only expect even greater things to come from this visionary leader.