Aadarsh Kumar Surana

Aadarsh Kumar Surana

Undauntedly Creating New Horizons

Inspired by his forefathers and with his father’s words of caution and encouragement about the life he has to face in this real estate industry, Mr. Aadarsh Kumar Surana took the company Amarprakash Developers to a higher altitude, undaunted by the meagre resources and just a few members recruited through word of mouth.

“He outwitted his competitors in his 1st project itself, as he offered high quality at an affordable price, and has been consistently offering the best products and services.”

Sight on Quality Construction

Mr. Aadarsh Kumar Surana is considered the guiding force of Amarprakash Developers, who has evolved and developed it into one of the top real estate companies in Tamilnadu in less than a decade.

He has successfully carried forward the legacy of Amarprakash, which was first established in 1950, when Shri Amarchand Surana got involved in creating innovative business, products and services including finance and real estate investments. Next, he pioneered in the electrical manufacturing under the name Allied Industries in 1970, as he was confident that electricals would be the next popular business in India.

Mr. Aadarsh Kumar Surana is the next-generation entrepreneur, and is well known for his various interests including as a prominent member of the community, and a religion & social activist. He decided to take forward the legacy and established a new business in 1980, diversifying first into the automobile sector, and then into finance, real estate, personal loan, etc. To satisfy his deep desire to contribute to the betterment of society, in 2004 he expanded to real estate, infrastructure and property development, and started constructing quality homes at an affordable price range for average earners.

Offering Better Solutions

His business philosophy to offer better living solutions to the people with a sense of security, comfort and joy worked and he introduced his ingenious ideas into the business to create innovative and superior products. He outwitted his competitors in his first project itself, as he offered high quality at an affordable price, and not needing to look back since
then, Amarprakash Developers has been consistently offering the best products and services with a high value for money to all its customers.

As he feels that satisfied customers are the biggest asset for any business, Mr. Surana has invariably focused on providing value-driven results to his customers, through quality services and has been successful in satisfying his customers’ needs beyond their expectations.

Assisting his employees to expand their capabilities by offering them a stable and safer work environment and thereby creating a loyal and productive work force, he has also been successfully improving current practices by integrating superior quality and innovative technology with outstanding selfless service to his local and global community.

Fulfilling Responsibility

Working towards his vision to be the most trusted and innovative real estate developer in India while offering quality living to all his stakeholders, he has never shied away from his responsibilities towards the society. Under his leadership, Community First is the operational motto at Amarprakash, and Amarprakash Foundations has been actively involved in various CSR activities. Mandatorily returning the good that the community has offered him, through Amarprakash Foundations, Mr. Surana has been continuously benefitting the community.

Through Amarprakash’s Jain Public School (CBSE), which is a non-profitable organization designed to create a vibrant and prosperous society, he has been working towards the education of children, and is also committed towards excellence in health and safety. He has organized several health camps to serve the humanity, and has executed a successful field guide for detection, management and surveillance of impurities in potable water and has also assisted the backward students through fees, books and free health check-up camps irrespective of caste or creed.