Australia Concludes Afghanistan Rescue Mission

Australia Concludes Afghanistan Rescue Mission

Australia has officially ended its rescue mission in Afghanistan before the deadline. The evacuation mission ended amid the two bombings with the expectation of more terror attacks.

The Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said that she is “unable to confirm” if any Australian had been affected by the terror attack. She will contact those for whom they have details and that is why it was important to register with DFAT. She further added that there is an ongoing and high threat of terrorist attacks in the coming weeks. Explosions have occurred in the vicinity of Kabul airport and asked its citizens to avoid travelling to the airport. She said even if you are in the vicinity, move to a safe location and provide contact details for consulate support if needed.

Marise Payne has expressed her deepest sympathies to all those who are in Afghanistan, suffering as they are now, suffering as they have for so long and particularly suffering as a result of the most recent attacks.

The Australian government has evacuated more than 4000 people from Kabul over the period of nine days. Payne said this “would not have been possible” without the US troops on the ground.