Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping

Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping

Cargo Logistics and Shipping has created a significant presence in the country by providing the most competitive prices to clients for even the busiest and remotest ports. The organisation is located in New Delhi and is wholly an international freight forwarding company. It offers all types of transportation services — air, road, and rail — to clients as per their requirements. The organisation has branches in Delhi, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hong Kong, Cochin, and Mundra, and is associated with agents in about 25 countries worldwide. It has offices at almost all the major ports and inland points.


Mr. Manuj Adlakha was aware of the ambiguity prevailing in the logistics industry in the country. He realised that the sector needed holistic development. He, therefore, came up with his own company, Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping. Happy customers and employees play an important role in making a company successful. Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping has always been very particular in maintaining a transparent and close relationship with all of its clients and staff. This has brought the company not only satisfied employees, but also a regular clientele.

The Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping team is duly awarded for their efforts, and their health is ensured. In return, the staff works diligently for the company’s profitability and success. The team members do not hesitate to bring up new ideas and keep trying to offer the best services. As a result, the clients get a timely update on the goods and are in constant touch with the team. The update provides a sense of satisfaction to the customers, and the company also earns the clients’ and agents’ trust. The chief focus is on fulfilling delivery commitments within the stipulated time to have satisfactory feedback from the clients.


This logistics company is different from others in the logistics sector because it provides services even in the remotest areas for any cargo. With excellent networking worldwide, it offers door-to-door services to its clients. The use of advanced technology helps the clients with real-time status of their shipment, while round–the–clock support makes the company’s operations transparent.

The director believes in harnessing new tools to become competitive in the cut-throat market. For now, the company is using Google-based services to have all-time access to the shipments. The company’s service sectors in CIS, Africa, and China are still a far-sighted dream for other organisations in the logistics industry. The people working for the company leave no stone unturned to provide a seamless experience to the clients. With every detail of the shipment just a click away, the consignments are picked up from the desired location and dropped at the destination of the client’s choice. The company promises to give a safe and timely delivery of their goods.


Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping has proved its value in the market by earning huge profits in its first year of launch. It grew 100% year on year, and in the journey of ten years, it has had more than 1,300 SMEs with 1,000 K satisfied customers, 4586 M tonnes of goods delivered, and around 50 countries covered. One of the fastest-growing companies in the logistics sector, Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping has received the title of ‘Best Multimodal Freight Forwarder of the year – North Category’ from the India Cargo Awards. Mr. Manuj Adlakha has also represented his company at international platforms such as WCA, and has been a part of the Indian delegation in Germany under the IGMPT Program in 2018.