Chandrani Prasad

Chandrani Prasad


Due to her excellent teamwork, thoroughness & emphasis on details, and a peerless understanding of the clients’ business and their respective industry sectors, Ms Prasad has established an outstanding association of attorneys with varied & rich experience, which offers a full range of legal services.

Very diligent and enthusiastic in her work, she actively manages the affairs of her firm on all fronts, practicing law in the Indian Courts including Supreme Court of India, High Courts, District Courts and other Judicial Forums & tribunals and the Royal Court of London, UK and Wolverhampton Court, Sydney, Australia, as well as providing assistance in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution needs and reliefs for her valued clients. She has been consistently leading C & V Associates aggressively in a man-dominated profession to offer the best and the most relevant advice and practical solutions to her clients’ problems after complete analysis, thus helping them in making best decisions in their professional and personal lives.

Her flawless advices have not only made C & V Associates one of the most sought-after law firms in India, but have also opened multiple avenues of opportunities in the legal field, for instance, under her leadership, C & V Associates was chosen for participation in National Initiative Towards Strengthening Arbitration and Mediation held for the first time in the country in 2016. She also actively led her organization to represent in ICADR, IMI (International Mediation Institutes) and IAM (International Academy of Mediators) in San Francisco and Baltimore. In addition, she is a very active member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and Committee Member of Family Law under American Bar Association and various international forums such as International Bar Association (IBA) and Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) among others. She is renowned in the industry as an expert who prefers to utilize her prodigious legal expertise to create not only ingenious solutions for her clients’ complex problems, but also a base of pragmatic analysis, which her clients may use for further fruitful decision making as and when required.


When she decided to pursue the career of her passion, not everyone believed in her high-scale dreams, as there are not too many examples of women lawyers achieving great success at both national and international levels. However, the fact that very few people believed in her aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur in the field of legal services, made her desire to be successful even stronger, and without paying heed to the discouraging souls, she strived hard with her undeterred faith. Today, her zeal and hunger for success have made her as successful as some of the renowned veterans of the legal industry.

Thus, she is recognized in the legal profession not only as a symbol of women empowerment, but also as a socially responsible person, who offers free legal aid to the needy. She is involved in providing legal education through Society of Indian Law Firms and the Bar Council of Delhi to women regarding their rights; she is a specialist in matrimonial disputes; she fights against domestic violence, dowry demands, and gender discrimination; and is considered an expert in offering Mediation and Arbitration services in the fragile and sensitive matters of the society.