China Shuts Down Schools After COVID Outbreak in Fujian Province
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China Shuts Down Schools After COVID Outbreak in Fujian Province

On Tuesday, the new COVID-19 infections doubled to 139, after which the schools in China were shut down by the government, the nation put travel restrictions and ordered nucleic acid tests for millions in the eastern province of Fujian. Kindergartens will suspend operations while colleges, primary and high school, and vocational schools will have online courses.

In China, nearly three dozen children were tested positive in the sudden surge of infection. The first “school-centered” outbreak was detected in a school during random nucleic acid testing last week. Putian, Quanzhou, and Xiamen are mainly concentrated with fresh cases. 20 cases below 12 years old were reported by the state-run tabloid. Health authorities announced that the port city Xiamen is testing its 5 million citizens in a citywide nucleic acid testing.

The residents of Xiamen are advised not to leave the city unless extremely necessary. Those who want to leave must provide a green health code along with a negative nucleic acid test result before departure.

In Putian, 85 people had tested positive of which 64 are confirmed and asymptomatic carriers. The experts suggest the cases will flare-up in the coming weeks. It is likely to spread in more regions across China but suggests that can be controlled with strong control measures.