China To Import More African Agricultural Products

China To Import More African Agricultural Products

China wants to import more African agricultural products across its e-commerce platform and wants to expand the sales as per a senior Chinese foreign ministry official.

The director-general of the ministry department of African affairs Wu Peng said at the launch of “African Products Online Promoting Season” that the nation has never stalked surplus trade with Africa. He said the online promotion will be helpful for African products, especially agricultural products that will gain more market shares in China. The country will encourage e-commerce with live streaming platforms to promote the export of agricultural products.

In the first seven months of the year, the trade volume between the two nations reached $139.1 billion. According to China’s ministry of commerce, these imports from Africa were $59.3 billion.

70% of the East African country’s sales to the Asian economic giant are mineral’s despite the small size of its resources industry. The main exports to China according to the 2019 data by the Observatory of Economic Complexity are titanium ore, niobium, tantalum, vanadium and zirconium ores, iron ore, and manganese ore.

Currently, agricultural products that are imported by China are tea, coffee, and cut flowers which are not among the top five imports for the nation.