China’s ‘Hypersonic Missile’ Raises Concerns Of Being Used Nuclear Warhead

China’s ‘Hypersonic Missile’ Raises Concerns Of Being Used Nuclear Warhead

Despite investing tens of billions of dollars in upgrading its missile defenses, China is said to have launched a hypersonic missile into orbit, raising fears that the Pentagon’s missile defenses are being quickly neutralized.

On Saturday, it was reported by a leading news agency that the Chinese military had sent a nuclear-capable missile into low-orbit space nearly two months ago. The missile was around the globe before it cruised down to its target. However, the weapon missed its mark nearly 24 miles away from the target. According to the agency, if the technology is perfected it could be used against the US by sending nuclear warheads over the South Pole and America’s anti-missile system in the northern hemisphere.

On Monday, China denied the allegations and its Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian described it as a “routine test of a space vehicle that was used to check the technology for spacecraft reusability”. He further clarified and compared it with the system that is being developed by private companies. According to him, China will peacefully work with different countries and use space for the benefit of mankind.

By doing so, Xi Jinping appears to be exploring the possibility of orbital strikes as a counterbalance to American weapons advancements such as shooting down ballistic missiles before they threaten the US homeland.