Dr. Babu Sudhakar

Dr. Babu Sudhakar


Dr. Sudhakar’s impressive professional journey showcases the unique combination of his scientific and business acumen. He began his career as a scientist at Wockhardt Ltd., a prominent pharmaceutical company, where he spent 12 years working his way up the ranks in marketing and business development. With his diverse skill set and technical expertise, he led the international and domestic operations for the business unit.

Motivated by the desire to shift the predominant use of chemical-based products and services to natural, safe, cost effective and efficacious alternatives, the visionary leader founded Serene Envirotech Solutions Private Limited in 2020. Later, embarking on his mission of creating a healthier and more sustainable future, he introduced next-gen technological products for Human Healthcare and Wellness segment.

One emerging technology innovation is using Molecular Hydrogen as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Several scientific studies have revealed that inhaling hydrogen or consuming hydrogen-rich water has selective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and provides amazing health benefits to humans.

Serene Envirotech Solutions Private Limited has launched noteworthy products for preventive healthcare and wellness segment – Hydrogen Inhaler and Hydrogen Water Bottles under the brand name ‘udazH.’ The products are India’s pioneering portable, personal wellness tools. Under Dr. Sudhakar’s leadership, the start-up is actively pursuing the development of numerous other innovative products in the wellness segment.


Dr. Sudhakar has obtained his M.Sc. and M.Phil degrees from the renowned APS University in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. He earned his Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Microbiology and conducted research at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur, for a project sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. His intellectual prowess and scholarly pursuits are reflected in his extensive research endeavours, as he has contributed to over 20 academic research publications in various esteemed national and international scientific journals, magazines and conferences.

The well-versed leader also possesses an illustrious background in the realm of business management and marketing. He has pursued diplomas in these areas from the prestigious institutes, JBIMS and NMIMS – affiliated with University of Mumbai – between 1998 and 2000. For his outstanding academic achievements, he got many accolades, including the Foundation Day Award from NEERI in 1994-95, recognising his remarkable contributions to Research and Development excellence. Under his able leadership, the company garnered four awards within a year of its launch. It has been awarded the National Award of Fastest Growing FMCG Product in Healthcare and Wellness, and the Most Admired Entrepreneur for Leadership and Excellence in 2022.


A real go-getter, Dr. Sudhakar strives to stay ahead of the curve and carve out new opportunities for himself and his companies. He has built a reputation of introducing world-class innovative products to the Indian market. The multitasking leader has his fingers in two more pies as the Managing Director of JENS Enviro Technologies Limited, a German partnership venture into water and wastewater treatment and related technologies, and SRIBS Biotechniqs Private Limited, a firm developing animal, aquaculture and agriculture healthcare products and marketing in India, Vietnam, and beyond.