Dr. Bhupinder Singh

Dr. Bhupinder Singh

Armed with enormous wisdom and indepth knowledge of the IT industry, Dr. Singh is well-equipped to identify the promising prospects of the futuristic blockchain technology. A tech-savvy leader with exceptional business acumen as well as negotiation skills, he is enthusiastic about taking up new projects and converting them into successful ventures. His initial victories have greatly empowered him to undertake multiple projects in diverse segments including IT, Education, Energy, Business Consulting and Healthcare among others.

Dr. Singh, who hails from Amritsar in Punjab, has always been an ambitious person. His thirst to learn new things and visit new places always prompted him to leave his indelible mark on the global stage. This yearning brought him to the United States where he successfully explored new roles and accomplished multiple milestones.


Dr. Singh has a vision to remodel the world of cashless economy by utilizing innovative technologies introduced through JD Coin. He aspires to create a space for using crypto currencies that would be available to every person across the globe. He strives to optimize the global economy by putting in place a smart virtual currency to enable a faster and safer environment for transactions. Besides this, he is also actively looking into the discrepancies and issues the organization faces currently in the blockchain mechanism.

He has begun working on the fourth generation of blockchain. The blockchain 4.0 is bound to set aside the issues it carried from the previous generations and will be much more structured owing to the aid of AI, Data Compression and Sharding among others.


Dr. Singh, who is at present based out of Idaho, has faced his share of challenges that he eventually overcame. After his first visit, his initial days in the US were spent understanding the way things worked there. From holding Yoga classes for friends for gaining mental peace and adopting a disciplined lifestyle, he gradually set a routine for himself in the US.

With firm determination, he set out on his entrepreneurial journey and successfully completed various projects related to diverse fields. Apart from his brainchild JD Coin, Dr. Singh is known for his valuable projects in the healthcare sector wherein he has endorsed the technology of Enhanced External Counterpulsation, which is a procedure recommended globally for cardiac patients. The procedure is proven to be helpful in bringing down the occurrence of angina episodes. In the education sector, he has introduced Scenictionary Education, which enables learning through visuals. Creating methods for smart learning and invaluable education material, he has paved the way for a redesigned and renovated learning procedure.


Under his guidance, JD Coin has been extending every possible help. During the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, it is helping those affected through the donations it receives from its clients. The contributions are expected to bring relief to a lot of affected people in the coming months. The donations can be made through the addresses provided on the website, which would be highly instrumental in supporting healthcare facilities, food banks and even animals in distress.