Jyotsna Reddy

Jyotsna Reddy

It is challenging to combine the goodness of cosmetics to accentuate beauty and create products of great market value at the same time. However, Ms. Reddy seems to be extremely dedicated to accomplish this goal and has been working her way towards a grand victory. With a wide range of products having extensive ingredients and excellent composition, Twenty Beauty has grabbed a lot of eyeballs already. By launching a comprehensive range with international quality components to suit all skin types, she has been continually devising innovative ways to present her products to the masses.


Today, E-Commerce has taken the world by storm and considering the current scenario, it has become all the more popular. To tap into this segment and make shopping a convenient affair, Twenty Beauty sells its products through its website.

Under Ms. Reddy’s leadership, various innovative measures have been adopted by the organization. For instance, the process of selling the products through vending machines has eliminated many issues that customers face like waiting in queues to purchase products and picking up the wrong product. Through the vending machines, the customer can purchase exactly the desired color, type or combination without having to worry about buying the wrong products. These vending machines are more relevant in today’s pandemic situation. They enable customers to shop with ease by limiting their interaction with others. In the near future she plans to get more such machines installed at multiple locations for the convenience of her customers.


Many people desire safe and quality products at great prices. Most of the time, customers would not even hesitate to pay for a great product. She understands this and therefore, makes sure that her entire line of products is well-tested and comprises the finest of raw materials.

Ms. Reddy, being a chemist herself, has ensured that all the ingredients procured are healthy for the skin. Some active ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide and fruit extracts are among the main components in most of the products. By virtue of her dedicated research and earnest efforts, she is confident that the brand’s products will be well-received by customers of all ages.


Under her quintessential leadership, the Twenty Beauty team has been meticulously studying the latest fashion trends. Inspired by some of these trends, the Reddy sisters conceptualized the idea of creating a dynamic cosmetic brand that enhances beauty, is soft on the skin and has a nourishing effect on it. Using the best ingredients devoid of greasy materials, Twenty Beauty has all the components needed to build an excellent product line that would nourish and nurture the skin.

With the aim to launch 1000 vending machines in the future, she aspires to keep the confidence high amid the ongoing health crisis. Having been in the market for over three years now, this young entrepreneur has been consistently putting her best foot forward to evolve with the trends and offer customers the best solutions.