Dr. GSK Velu

Dr. GSK Velu

As the Chairman & Managing Director of Trivitron Healthcare Group of Companies – the largest Indian medical technology organisation in the world with over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience, 9 manufacturing facilities of international standards located in India, Turkey and Finland – Dr. Velu is efficiently working as torch bearer of ‘Make in India’ initiative in the medical devices segment.


Always brimming with a positive bent of mind, Dr. Velu is a man who has turned every challenge that came his way into an opportunity. Describing his initial leanings, he says, “I was born in a lower middle class family. I was good in studies and I always wanted to pursue higher education in medical science. I scored well throughout my academic years however, due to certain unavoidable factors I could not afford to go a medical school. I harboured deep interests in life sciences and I completed my graduation in pharmacy (as that was something very close to medical science).”

He further adds, “After my graduation from BITS Pilani, rather than pursuing higher education I had to choose a job in a medical distribution company to support my family. I remember I was earning just Rs 2000 as salary in 1988. However, I always dreamt of being in medical field and do something worthwhile for a larger section of our society.”

Sharing his success mantra, Dr. Velu elaborates, “I transformed my dreams into passion and kept on following it, combining it with hard work and dedication. During the course of my entrepreneurial mission I experienced lot of setbacks and turbulences but my passion never waned and I never lost focus. I established Trivitron in 1997 with a vision to provide affordable healthcare solutions because I saw a few of my family members suffering due to lack of proper and affordable healthcare support system in my village. Initially, I had a bumpy ride but eventually, my hard work started to pay. I am a great believer of belief and positivity.”


Adversity is a fact of life. However, resilient personalities like Dr. Velu perceive every challenge as an opportunity to prove themselves. Rather than letting difficulties or failure overwhelm them and drain their resolve, they find a way to bounce back with a mightier force. As he puts it, “In my opinion, challenges are a part of life that gives you a variety of experiences, learning, and make you wiser. For me, it was quite challenging to continuously keep going.”

Describing the challenges he came across, he says, “In a volatile market dominated by western healthcare giants, sustaining a highly competitive business is not easy. The challenging environment brought the very best out of me. Life being a continuous learning opportunity, did not only teach me the value of hard work, dedication and passion, but it also developed a ‘never say die’ attitude in me. Encountering multiple setbacks, I never lost hope. I always saw the silver lining and kept on following my dreams to overcome those hurdles. For me, staying updated is highly important. We need to constantly upgrade our knowledge bank on a regular basis. There is no alternative to continuous learning.”


An ardent advocate of reforms in the healthcare sector, Dr. Velu is concerned about the fact that “India spends much more on curative than on preventive healthcare, as a consequence of which, a major share of spending goes for unwanted drugs, investigations and hospitalization.” According to him, “We need to come up with policies that are focused more towards the prevention of certain maladies. Health departments must roll out nationwide screening programs for early detection of certain disease so that treatments can be initiated before the ailment can cause grave harm.”

He adds, “Both public and private sectors need to play their roles effectively. On one hand public sector should do away with red-tapism, unwanted delays and ensure effective implementation of policies, private sector must support the government in all its undertakings and shall avoid overcharging patients.”

Deeply inclined to contribute more and more for the welfare of society, he asserts, “I frankly think I am yet to reach the threshold of my contributions towards the society. All my businesses are directly or indirectly related to healthcare. With the passage of time, I have had learned new rules and tactics of the game. Day by day the industry is evolving with newer possibilities being developed every other day. I am contented with the bright future ahead. I started my business with trading of medical technology products and eventually ventured into manufacturing and R&D activities. I wish if I had the power to rewind, I would definitely like to get into the Manufacturing and R&D in the initial phase of my business as it would have helped us to penetrate the market with high end technology based products at an affordable cost which would have helped the rural population in a big way.”


Dr. Velu has received several recognitions and has been named as “parallel entrepreneur” by an international magazine and has often received the title of “first generation serial entrepreneur”. Talking about his moments of triumphs he adds, “I have been bestowed with numerous awards and recognitions, and for me, each one of them is equally important and close to my heart. Happy customers and happy employees in a true sense, make me feel triumphant, which gives me zeal to contribute more for my people and for the society. ”


A man with a heart of gold, Dr. Velu is continually inclined to work for the welfare of humanity. Describing his philanthropic endeavours, he says, “Trivitron has always been working for the upliftment of the masses. Our business ventures are directed towards providing cost-effective quality healthcare services. We have always been at the forefront in giving back the society. Our CSR initiative ‘MITR’ has constantly been working to provide quality education to needy children with prime focus to girl child. We have been sponsoring Higher education for girl child. We organize health camps and eye camps for the underprivileged. We also sponsor dialysis for needy patients. Additionally, in the event of any natural calamity, we are at the forefront in providing the required assistance to the government.”


A true leader, he is bent on helping the youth. As he puts it, “Helping and empowering others is what motivates me the most. Directing young minds to do something worthwhile is what keeps me connected with millennials I make use of every opportunity I get to help people and, I feel blessed that I can be of some help to someone. The thought that I might offer a solution to someone’s problem is what motivates me to do a good job every day.” He further adds, “My message for them is that they keep following their passion and stay focused. Agreed, there may be setbacks, but I want them to realize their potential, and bounce back with more enthusiasm. My mantra of “Belief & Positivity” will help them to manage all ups and downs in their life.”

With his noble vision, determination and futuristic approach to make healthcare accessible and affordable to one and all, Dr Velu has been successfully rendering yeomen’s service to fellow humans for more than 30 years now and keeps on devising newer ways of serving humanity with each passing day.