Dr. Shweta Tripathi

Dr. Shweta Tripathi

Dr. Shweta possesses rich experience that spans more than two decades in the water and energy sectors. She specialises in using knowledge to drive business strategy, solve problems and deliver solutions that positively impact our planet and communities.


Dr. Shweta holds numerous degrees from well-known institutions. These include a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Lehigh University, USA, as well as two Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering and Management from IIT Kanpur/ Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and in Life Sciences from the Kanpur University.

Apart from her stellar education, she is a formidable research scholar with a number of publications to her credit, all of them reflecting her passion and belief for creating an environment that makes sustainable use of energy and water.

Well-travelled and with a multicultural outlook, Shweta is proficient in four languages: Bangla, English, Hindi and Oriya. She strongly believes knowledge is the backbone of a strong professional career and, when coupled with creativity, can lead to exemplary results. She is a Chevening Gurukul Fellow and has received the prestigious FQRNT Fellowship from the Ministry of Education and Science in Quebec, Canada, and the DAAD Fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service. Dr. Shweta has also been a Senior Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering at McGill University, Canada, where her research focused on nanotechnology and ground water remediation.


Dr. Shweta has worked with utilities, academia and NGOs from across the globe. Over the course of her career, she’s developed a keen eye for identifying areas with poor resource accessibility and has used this insight to deliver innovative solutions – a highly valued skill that’s enabled her to understand and adapt to different challenges in the energy sector.

She now heads a team of skilled researchers at Enzen, a leader in the energy and environment sector, where she collaborates with various experts on numerous, diverse projects to deliver positive change to the energy and water sectors.

Through their deep understanding of power, water, gas and renewables, Dr. Shweta’s extraordinarily skilled team of professionals are focused on providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Dr. Shweta’s interpersonal skills, deep insights and enthusiasm for excellence make her a true role model for leadership and a paragon of female empowerment.


Using knowledge as her guiding principle, Dr. Shweta creates cutting-edge solutions that make the energy and water sectors more efficient, enabling greater and more affordable access to these life essentials. She believes science and people should work in tandem to restore the delicate balance between natural resources and their consumption, and that efficient use of resources plays a key role in this. With a passion for creating a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow, Dr. Shweta is doing her bit to help Enzen transform utilities and create a better world.