Prakarsh Gagdani

Prakarsh Gagdani


Mr. Gagdani, an impeccable specialist in the stock market, has been a source of positive energy for the people who keep looking for accurate updates on the market trends. He has always been setting the stage to let people gain an insight into the volatility of the market. His valuable inputs and opinions are sought throughout the biggest media houses in the country, needless to mention that his fan following is tremendous. His impeccable finesse for detail and knowledge of exact facts and figures have earned him the greatest position in the stock broking industry. Under his leadership, the 5 Paisa app has already clocked in a million users and has emerged as the fastest expanding discount broking enterprise in the country.

Mr. Gagdani being an expert analyst keeps updating his insights at regular intervals which act as a guideline for his followers. In the current market scenario, he is optimistic about Nifty giving returns of over 15 percent in the following year. His accurate and precise predictions have made him a dependable figure and have earned him the trust and faith from traders countrywide.

With the ongoing crisis and the nationwide lockdown, he has observed that the number of investors in the share market has increased exponentially and according to him, this would continue to rise in the coming months. It has been studied that the existing number of investors has been trading actively as compared to earlier times. There has been a steep rise in trading volumes and the number of new Demat accounts.


Mr. Gagdani believes that Stock Market is all about taking the right decisions at the right time. No wonder 5 Paisa enables its clients to do that. With the launching of various schemes and plans, there is absolutely no dearth of opportunities that have been created by the company for the investors. Mr. Gagdani is of the view that the clients should be given the right platform which helps them to understand the intricacies of the current proceedings of the stock market.

In today’s cut throat competitive era, the 5 Paisa app comes absolutely free of cost with extremely user-friendly instructions. Mr. Gagdani has ensured that the clients enrolling through this app receive live updates and are made aware of all the latest developments in the market. From trading, to buying shares, insurances, mutual funds, and much more, it gives the accessibility to the users on the go in this fast track life. Undoubtedly, his professional and skillful analyses are bound to show great results in future for both his company as well as the investors.