Dr. Sukanta

Dr. Sukanta

With a Ph.D. in Geographic Information Systems from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Dr. Sukanta has also obtained an Executive Management degree from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, USA. The spirited leader has over two and a half decades of professional experience and has held a variety of challenging managerial responsibilities in IT, OT, and consulting in various large projects and programs in Electricity, Telecommunication, Transportation and various other engineering fields around the world. What’s more, he has worked for numerous multinational IT giants in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Owing to his earnest and determined efforts, Inovaantage is continually charting new trajectories of success. “The company began as a utility software solution company and has since expanded to include two other verticals: telecommunications and transportation. The healthcare solution is the next vertical we want to focus on”, says the future-focused leader.

Dr. Sukanta is noted for his brilliant strategic thinking skills, which aid in his long-term planning. Inovaantage has successfully expanded its global reach under his charismatic leadership. In just a few years since its inception, the IT solutions company has established a presence in multiple countries, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Africa, India, and the Philippines. The company is currently preparing to establish a presence in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Sukanta is a forward-looking visionary leader who is always prepared to deal with any crisis. Even a global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, which has dampened the spirits of many industrial bigwigs, could not stop him from achieving his goal of global business expansion. “Even during the outbreak of the coronavirus-induced pandemic, we have successfully made good progress in Australia. Also, we managed to build a strong client base wherever we launched the business during the pandemic.” The ambitious leader adds, “With all of our previous achievements, we have now upped our ambition of becoming a global leader, something we never imagined when we first started.” Dr. Sukanta is a goal-oriented leader whose unwavering efforts have helped Inovaantage earn the boundless trust of hundreds of consumers around the world. “I view consumer trust as my accomplishments and career highpoint,” he says. The confident leader adds, “Every year, we set a goal for ourselves and successfully achieve it. With that confidence, we have raised our goal proportionately more than the previous years and achieved success once again despite the pandemic. We have gained the trust of hundreds of customers worldwide and the number is getting bigger with time. We now believe we can be global leaders and are in discussions with potential investors to take that dream forward.”


Dr. Sukanta believes in leading by example and promotes an action-oriented leadership culture. He is motivated by a strong sense of urgency, concentrating on the task at hand and ensuring its timely completion. The proactive leader holds daily meetings with his team for better communication and workflow. He also enthusiastically leads his team in moving a vision forward to achieve goals and make impressive progress. Under his motivating leadership, his team has been creating products and services that are innovative and ahead of the competition. “Being a good leader entails many distinctive aspects. Leading by example and at the same time encouraging individuals to make decisions and accept ownership of the roles assigned to them are both important for the growth of an organization, and I ensure that I do my best to keep my team motivated,” he says.


Dr. Sukanta considers his workforce as the company’s first stakeholder, followed by customers. Like a true leader, Dr. Sukanta emphasizes the growth and involvement of his team. “Most significantly, I have kept my focus on being very people-oriented, since people are the heart and soul of Inovaantage,” says the CEO. He continues, “We’ve come a long way since investors launched Inovaantage in 2017 to being one of Southeast Asia’s most recognized brands. Our people have played a critical role in the development of a company from its inception to the present day, and we attribute our success to their unwavering efforts.” The empathetic leader also ensures his company gives adequate space to each employee so that they can manage their workload and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Even during the Covid-19 outbreak, the leader encouraged everyone to work from home. He affirms, “Even though the coronavirus outbreak triggered pay cuts, and layoffs across industries, we have been sensitive to our workforce and have not laid off a single employee. There haven’t been any salary cuts either.”


In addition to being an astute businessman, Dr. Sukanta is also a good samaritan taking care of society. The compassionate leader says, “CSR is in our DNA. It is an important aspect of providing our customers with sustainable value. By keeping CSR at the forefront of our minds, we can ensure that we are always thinking about our company’s place in and influence on a rapidly evolving world. We are also focusing Tier II cities as outsourcing hub to generate more employment for less privileged.” On a local and national level, we at Inovaantage are constantly striving to strengthen our focus on social responsibility, whether it’s championing women’s rights, preserving the environment, conserving wildlife, or eradicating poverty,” he adds.


Dr. Sukanta’s sincerity and unmatched capabilities have earned Inovaantage, a lot of recognition in the form of awards. In April 2021, the company was awarded the SBR (Singapore Business Review Technology) Excellence Award for software – Energy Category for Volt Var Optimisation (VVO). The Technology Excellence Awards, presented by SBR, was held via studio award presentations and video conferencing sessions throughout the second and third week of April 2021.