Eastern Africa is All Set to Reach the Sky

Eastern Africa is All Set to Reach the Sky

Expanding the aerial reach of the continent, East African countries are all making headway in the airlines industry. While Uganda is all set to reintroduce its national airline, carriers in Tanzania and Rwanda are also amplifying their presence. Kenya is also expected to raise its capital in Kenya Airways, where the government has 29 per cent shares. The Airlines is also reestablishing itself for a better outcome.

Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s President said in a cabinet meeting that he wishes to revive the airline that went bankrupt earlier in the year 2001. He said that at the present time, Uganda has a stronger economic situation and is looking forward to start its own Airline for “Ugandan travelers are suffering because of, apparently, not having a national airline.”

In Tanzania, to acquire more aircrafts in the state-controlled airline Air Tanzania, the government has also allocated various funds in its last month’s budget as well.

In this rapid race of strengthening the fleet of the country, Rwanda too is going to start its first two Airbus A330 long race jets in the upcoming months. The country also has eight aircrafts that serve the people. In addition, the country also wants to become a regional trade hub and to achieve that it is planning to begin air travel to Asian and European countries from next year.

Keeping in mind the need to strengthen their economic position on the globe, these East African countries are on their move to develop airports and airlines for a better and faster transportation system.