GST Bill Sees a New Surge With the Monsoon Session in the Parliament

GST Bill Sees a New Surge With the Monsoon Session in the Parliament

With the beginning of the Monsoon session, a new positive wave has surged in the India parliament. There is a strong possibility that the withstanding Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill will get clearance from the house.

A day before the beginning of the session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that “GST is of national importance. Issue is not which government gets credit. Important Bills, including GST will be taken up in the monsoon session and I hope for meaningful discussions and outcomes.” Later on the first day of the session, he suggested that everyone should work together for this Bill as it will prove to be a breakthrough for the greater good of the country. The Congress has also agreed to a five-hour debate on the proposal giving way for the Bill.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar affirmed this and said “I should say there is a positive atmosphere. Everybody seems to say that we should take it (GST) to a logical conclusion in this session”. He also made it clear that the current government is making forward steps and “will run extra mile and shall reach out to the opposition parties.”

The proposal has already been passed in Lok Sabha but has not received an approval in the Rajya Sabha. However, now many parties are coming forward in the support of the bill indicating the positive chances that it will get an approval in the upcoming times. BJP has made it clear that GST proposal is on priority in this session and they will strive hard to get a clearance on it.

It is said that this Bill will remove the implications of the tariffs imposed by the Centre and different states. The Bill has been presented as the most important tax reform in the past years and will certainly contribute towards the national interest.