Emirates Investment Bank

Emirates Investment Bank

An institution that gives great priority to its customers, Emirates Investment Bank places a lot of importance on maintaining relationships.To assist people in their financial journey, the bank employs top finance specialists, advisors and officers who work in total collaboration with each other. The employees are trained to pay keen attention to the clients and completely understand their financial goals and objectives.


Emirates Investment Bank has been instrumental in offering bespoke banking solutions that help in protecting, transitioning and growing the wealth of its clients. The experienced team draws out strategies that are chalked out for each and every portfolio. So, if the customer is looking to save for future generations, there is a distinct strategy in place that will guide him/her to manage it conservatively. The banking team assists at each level with warnings and indications of risks so that people can deploy their assets advantageously.

Similarly, if the requirements suggest that the client is looking for growth and expansion in his/her portfolio, then after critical and complete analysis, the team apprises the client of all the risks pertaining to the portfolio.


Emirates Investment Bank offers some of the best out-of-the-box solutions, which are completely personalized and aligned with the customer portfolio. The tailored solutions include daily banking, investment banking, asset management, trading and execution, wealth planning and lending. All these solutions are aimed at adding value to the business of the customer and providing advice that is free from conflicts of interest. With a dedicated team of seasoned banking professionals who readily provide objective-oriented solutions, the bank offers banking advice across the retail, oil and gas, health care as well as education sectors and beyond.


From the Chairman to the executive committee, every employee of the Bank is guided by a growth strategy. The entire team works in sync to provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of customers from various industries across the globe. As a relationshipdriven bank, the institution upholds the values of stability, trust and integrity. By keeping these principles at the heart of its operations, Emirates Investment Bank continues to provide cutting-edge services to its customers.


Emirates Investment Bank is proud to be associated with many worthy social causes. Being a company that is deeply and emotionally associated with its culture, the bank invests a lot in Emirati talent. Through professional training programmes, the bank helps Emiratis to further their financial knowledge and enhance their career. Through numerous charity events and awareness programmes, the bank draws the attention of people to these causes.The bank also works closely with the government and several NGOs.