Emirates Logistics LLC

Emirates Logistics LLC

Driven by its vision statement to the core, Emirates Logistics LLC strives to be known across the world for its extreme freight and logistics competence, commitment, and accurate operational flexibility.


In 2005, the parent company Emirates Logistics LLC was set up in the UAE. Since the beginning, the company has set its eyes on increasing market coverage and building a strong customer base in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. With consistent efforts and unrelenting hard work, they were able to open a branch in Sharjah the following year in 2006. The new set-up was aimed at creating and sustaining a Worldwide Agent Network. In 2007, the unwavering dedication of the company led to the opening of the company’s headquarters in Egypt, and a new off shoot in Abu Dhabi. Looking beyond the horizon, the company expanded its business to Pakistan in 2008 and India in 2011. It has worked with clients from across different countries and has been able to improve efficiency and deliver quality in terms of performance goals. The company excels in planning, execution, investment, implementation, warehouse management system, and most importantly, human resource utilization.


Emirates Logistics LLC is renowned to provide outstanding service and cost effective solutions to their customers. The company aims to provide quality service through commercial collaboration and mutual profit for suppliers and partners. It relies on knowledge to help its employees continuously educate themselves and create career progression opportunities for them through expansion and diversity. The company firmly believes in investing in Information Technology to accelerate its scope of service and development. It strives to deliver a valuable return on investment (ROI) to its investors. The foundation for their exemplary service has been recognizing the value of the agent network. Since its inception, it has made investments in the growth and organization of supply chain agents all over the world. As of now, they have a global network of 262 agents spread across 123 countries. As part of the prestigious Sharaf Group of companies, the firm has the advantage of a pre-existing Group network, especially in the Middle East and Africa. It has offices in the UAE, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt, and Morocco. The company is an esteemed member of prominent industry network organizations, namely, WCA Inter Global, United Ocean Lines, the International Association of Movers, and the Global Projects Logistics Network(GPLN). Emirates Logistics has a skilled and dedicated team backed by appropriate in-house infrastructure to provide logistics solutions as per the client’s needs. It’s unrelenting capabilities have made it a renowned brand that prides itself on its financial reliability and the ISO9001 Quality Certification (P & I Cover with TT Club, London). Several clients from various business verticals such as Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Freight Transport, Power Yacht & Boat Handling, and Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo Handling have chosen the company as their trusted logistics partner. It has an unparalleled range of solutions, including Feasibility Study, Route Survey, Budget & Quotation, Heavy Lift Transport, Barge and Vessel Booking & Handling, Sea Freight, Air Freight, Over Land Transport, Brokerage, and Structure Positioning and Installation services. They also do project management tasks such as onsite project management and temporary import / storage. The company’s ultimate mission is to deliver exquisite value to its customers through tailored logistics solutions that fulfill their specific business requirements and exceed their expectations in terms of quality and service. Upholding their values and morals at the core, Emirates Logistics is the name that resonates with quality in every word and deed.