Emirates national oil company

Emirates national oil company

Established in 1993 in the UAE and owned by Government of Dubai, Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is an eminent oil and gas company functioning around the energy sector value chain. Ever since its inception, the company has made the best use of innovative strategies, ultramodern technology, and customer-centric approach to become a major player across various segments of the energy sector. It has been making a significant contribution to Dubai’s economic expansion and sustainable development.

The provider of fuel and non-fuel products, ENOC has gained strong footholds across the UAE and abroad, including Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Morocco, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The group is all set to lead the oil and gas industry by 2020.


Serving a clientele of 60 markets, and employing over 9,000 staff, ENOC embraces world-class technology to take long strides in refining, lubricant blending, storage, aviation and retail to accomplish the growing energy requirements of UAE.

The ENOC group is primarily involved in supplying, trading, and processing (STP) of petroleum products. The business segment plays a significant part in handling the supply unit of the brand in any geographical region and delivering different refined products at the company’s retail networks in Dubai. It uses the supply and trading operations to its advantage and ensures the profitability of the group through exceptional marketing strategies and by tapping the right marketing outlets in the country and abroad.


A distinguished brand, ENOC, has an inseparable role in almost every aspect of Dubai’s development, such as automotive, aviation, hospitality and social infrastructure. Its highly dedicated team of experts provides the company with great expertise in performing business tasks, employing robust systems and processes, and finding the right business solutions to give the company a competitive edge.

ENOC has marked its presence in international markets by launching an exploration and production portfolio and establishing its own set of high-quality standards. The group has made rapid progress through its first-class customer service, innovation in energy, resource management, and commitment to human capital development. It is also extending its reach to customers with 116 ENOC and Emirates Petroleum Products Company (EPPCO) service stations operating in the UAE. As one of the top suppliers of gasoline, ENOC supplies high- quality fuels, including special un-leaded gasoline (ULG) 85 & super unleaded gasoline (ULG 98) in the motor gasoline category.

ENOC has won many awards for promoting environmental protection & for exceptional procurement proficiency and transparency in the SCM. It received Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST) and Annual Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Supply Management Awards in 2016.