Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

The airline seeks to reflect the best of Arabian hospitality – cultured, considerate, warm and generous – as well as enhance the prestige of Abu Dhabi and is also treated as a centre of hospitality between East and West. The goal is to be a truly 21st century, global airline, challenging and changing the established conventions of airline hospitality.


Every year, they have received a range of awards that reflect the company position as one of the world’s leading premium airline brands, including ‘World’s Leading Airline’ at the World Travel Awards for five consecutive years. Browse through our Factsheets & Annual Reports for the complete list.


They are committed to a strategy of collaborative growth in order to gain the scale they require to be competitive in the global air transport market. Beyond the organic growth, this is being achieved through the development of a strong base of code share partnerships, and minority investments in strategically important airlines, which combined, provide access to hundreds of destinations they do not serve with their own aircraft.


Etihad Airways understands that their reputation is judged by how they act. This is why the core values emphasise the importance of doing business with integrity and taking responsibility to do what is right and ethical at all times. These values underpin the Etihad Airways Code of Business Conduct and are central to how they interact with the customers and suppliers.

To ensure the continued compliance with the Code of Business Conduct, Etihad’s Ethics Line is designed to allow employees, customers, members of the public and other stakeholders to raise concerns and report potential breaches of our values.

Over the last 11 years, Etihad Airways has brought new competitive choice to millions of travelers, on more than 100 of routes and on scores more through the code share partners.

Now, the dominant mega-carriers of the United States and Europe are trying to block that competition. They claim that Etihad receive Government subsidies – a claim they categorically reject.

The world’s biggest airlines want to restrict the new choice and the better service that they provide. They don’t think that’s right. Etihad believes travelers should have the right to choose. They believe that Open Skies means more choices. They believe that their guests should have the right to choose outstanding service, on state-of-the-art aircraft, at competitive prices.


Because Etihad started decades after all of our major competitors, they knew they could never catch up on their own. So they have always tried to work with others.

Etihad did approach each of the major global alliances to discuss membership options – to find they had none. The global alliances chose not to let them join.