Fazeela Gopalani

Fazeela Gopalani

A member of ACCA since 2004, Ms. Fazeela possesses over 18 years of experience in accounting and finance. Her mission is to increase the awareness of the importance that highly trained accountants bring to companies and economies across the world.


Ms. Fazeela, who was born and raised in the UK, completed her Bachelor’s degree and MBA from the University of Birmingham and the University of Strathclyde, respectively. Before moving to the UAE, she managed and operated an accounting firm in the UK, where she offered specialised financial services to a variety of clients. She was also a Senior Manager at PwC in Dubai.

It’s no surprise that accounting is in her blood, thanks to her father, who was an ACCA member and ran a successful accounting practice in the UK, offering professional financial services to a wide range of customers, including private individuals, small companies, and large corporations. She decided to follow his footsteps as she grew up. The determined leader was constantly mindful of the ACCA qualification from an early age.


Ms. Fazeela’s role is to act as a conversation starter, to make people aware about the critical role that accountants play in businesses and economies, especially in the Middle East, through the implementation of VAT, IFRS changes, the incorporation of Islamic finance, business sustainability, and much more. Her position entails managing and developing strategic relationships with regulators, business leaders, stakeholders, and the ACCA Middle East stakeholder network in order to influence dialogue and discussion about key issues affecting the region’s ongoing economic growth.


Ms. Fazeela collaborates with a variety of educational institutions and government agencies in the region to help new generations recognise not only the value of the pandemic-proof profession, but also the critical role that a professionally trained accountant plays in the development of economies.


With her ceaseless efforts, she has been successfully motivating the next generation to consider and pursue a career in accountancy and finance, while also emphasising the importance of financial literacy being ingrained at an early age. She believes that mentoring can assist young aspiring accountants in achieving career success. Her goal is to empower young people with the required skills such as creativity, communication, and collaboration, along with emotional intelligence, and empathy so that they can navigate effectively through whatever situations arise in this ever-changing global environment.

She regularly designs interesting campaigns to challenge youngsters interested in Finance or Accountancy. ‘Take the Challenge’ campaign, launched in January 2021 has been specially designed to challenge children aged 13 to 16, particularly those interested in accounting and finance.

She lives in Dubai with her husband and two children. She loves spending quality time with her family and maintains a healthy work-life balance.