Gagan Arora

Gagan Arora

Vertex Global Services, ranked 19th among the world’s 50 most innovative companies, has been digitally transforming organisations by offering cutting-edge solutions. With limited resources and a firm belief in the power of technology, Vertex started from Florida in 2016. Technology-driven enterprises then, on the other hand, were at a nascent stage of becoming pervasive businesses. With operations in India, the UK, and the Philippines, the company skyrocketed and established a global footprint after just a few years in the market. While staying committed to environmental and humanitarian causes, Vertex reached a major achievement by generating 100% revenue YoY and served 3000+ satisfied customers in a short span. It is embossed as one of the top innovative startups in India that is responsible for digitally transforming organizations by deploying efficient and revenue generating solutions. Under his guidance, Vertex has paved a way to transcend the geographical boundaries in search of quintessential opportunities that can be turned into effective business planning.

Vertex works on the motto of “One dialogue, Many solutions.” As a highly driven leader, he was quick to leap enthusiastically in the driver’s seat, climbing the entrepreneurial peak. Leaving no stones unturned, Vertex has channelized the power of technology by deploying chatbots, Smart IVRs, AI & Machine Learning, and the key services range from Customer Experience Management, Human Resource Outsourcing, Performance Marketing to a whole online Digital Academy.


A unique perspective is imperative to bring progressive change in the society. An inspiration like Mr. Arora has transformed the lives of many. Through multiple programs, he has brilliantly uplifted the society. As a leader, he has set different paradigms for the youth to hone their skills and mold themselves to be the leaders of change. He has been recognized for his excellence in areas such as social, professional, financial and innovation, which led him to gain the prestigious title of the ‘CEO of the Year’ by ‘Indian Achievers’ 2020. As the captain of the ship Mr. Arora has built a solid foundation, which certified Vertex as best place to work. He successfully created a network of partners, and added important and valuable client businesses to the growing roster. In a short span of just 4+ years the organization has set footprints in 4 continents. Acknowledged as the first-generation techentrepreneur and Boston Group certified business professional, Gagan Arora was also appointed as the Chairman for FOREIGN INVESTORS COUNCIL-FIC Delhi in December 2020. At Vertex, he wears multiple hats, motivating his team to achieve unimaginable milestones. His vision towards upskilling and education for all, earned him the position of Director of the International Education Committee at ASIAN ARAB CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, where he has 52 countries directly under his supervision.


During the pandemic, Vertex was busy turning misfortune into fortune. To make an impactful change in the education sector, he initiated Vertex Digital Academy to influence new-age learning and holistic development for all. Vertex Global Services has won 20 awards this year in ‘services and operations’ categories. He has won 5 awards himself in 2020. He was awarded by CNBC for being one of the 40 Under 40 Top Influential Leaders and by Forbes for being the Top 100 Great Managers. He also won the Most Innovative Young Tech-Entrepreneur 2020 by Brand Opus India.