Manoj Reinsurance Brokers Ltd.

Manoj Reinsurance Brokers Ltd.

Owned by an industry expert, Manoj Reinsurance Brokers Ltd. has been progressing because of strong leadership and the efforts of its learned and dedicated team members. Owing to the valuable experience Mr. Manoj earned in his earlier roles at audit firms in India and 18 years in Bahrain as insurance/ reinsurance broker, the company has been making great strides. After working as a reinsurance broker for nearly 10 years, he established his brand in DIFC, Dubai. In 2020, he established Manoj Reinsurance Brokers Ltd, which is catching up with the industry and looking up with optimism to present its best to the world.


Mr. Manoj believes in encouraging the young professionals and calls for investing in skill development and hiring freshers. As an experienced professional, he advises that clarity, discipline, and passion should be the most valued virtues while setting on the journey of professional growth. Managing oneself with a clear vision combined with hard work and smartness are the key takeaways from his life. He believes that a right attitude and a great gratitude can be instrumental in going from strength to strength. He feels every goal can be achieved simply by implementing these aspects and being patient as success is not an overnight occurrence.


Despite the fact that many organizations got shut down because of the pandemicled economic downfall, Manoj Reinsurance Brokers, managed to stay afloat and support its employees financially. The times have been tough for all sectors, yet the firm chose to hold its chin up, passing on the confidence to its employees as well. The company has been busy boosting the morale of its skilled teams by giving them bonuses and gifts throughout the year.

Some of the employees have also been rewarded with increased package, which has come as a big relief in the trying times. Moreover, the teams have received a unique New Year gift in the form of a life insurance program wherein the employee is the independent owner of the life insurance, and the company pays the premiums as long as they are working with them. Even when the employee leaves the company, they can continue the plan on their own, without any increase in the premiums. (Generally, companies give employees life insurance under the companies group cover, and it will get terminated when the employee leaves). Moreover, the firm has dedicated 5% of their annual profits for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), as a mandatory item in their yearly budgets.


With ambitious expansion plans, Manoj Reinsurance Brokers, is working zealously to set up regional offices in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. The strategies are in line with the firm’s goal to gain a strong foothold in the Middle Eastern, Asian, and African markets by 2030. With its customercentric values & principles, the firm aims to become an ideal for its competitors as well as supporters. With the industry veterans as its guiding light, Manoj Reinsurance Brokers, is anticipated to emerge as the most preferred partner for insurance companies on their reinsurance needs.